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Ripley's Believe It or Not!: The Riddle of Master Lu

aka: Das Rätsel des Master Lu, Ripley's Believe It or Not!: L'enigma di Master Lu, Ripley's Croyez-le ou non ! L'Enigme de Maître Lu
Moby ID: 1996

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DOS credits (1995)

135 people (131 professional roles, 4 thanks) with 230 credits.

Designed by Lee Sheldon, François Robillard
Written by Lee Sheldon
Art Direction Michael Gibson
Background Designer Richard Hescox
Lead Game Programmer Paul Lahaise
Lead Systems Programmer Nick Porcino
Original Score Darren McGrath
Sound Design Darren McGrath
Original Concept Peter Donnelly
Produced by François Robillard
Background Art Brent Arnst, Richard Hescox, Calvin Jones
3D Modeling David Henry, Andrew James, Jeff Kuipers, Matthew Manuel, Tex Riddell, Calvin Jones
Additional Background Design Calvin Jones
Animation Design Michael Gibson, Stephen McCallum
Animation Brent Arnst, Garth Buzzard, Jim Bridle, Jacob Dewey, Scott Douglas, Michael Gibson, Andrew James, Cindy Johnson, Jeff Kuipers, Stephen McCallum, Gary Scott
ConvEdit Gaffer Karl Johanson
3D Animation David Henry, Andrew James, Jeff Kember
Additional Art Adrien van Viersen, Mark J. Ferrari
Special Effects David Henry
GUI and Detail Art Calvin Jones
Programmers Taranjeet S. Athwal, Pardeep S. Athwal, Peter Costin, Michael Ellis, Paul Lahaise, Matthew Manuel, David Thomas, Tinman, Raymond Yee
Demo Programming Paul Lahaise
System Design Nick Porcino
Systems Programmers Michael Ellis, Xi Huang, Andras Kovacs, Paul Lahaise, Nick Porcino, Tinman
GUI Programming Nick Porcino, Tinman
Additional Programming Robert Aitken, Richard Ferraro, Matt Gruson, Aaron Hilton, Matthew Powell, Peter Taylor
Video Direction Lee Sheldon, Michael Gibson
Video Producer Devin Young
Video Production Assistant Danielle Cooper
Costumes Rosemary McGrath
Makeup by Ann Eng
Hair by Caroline Woodbridge
Martial Arts Choreographer Martin Hittos
Props Garth Buzzard
Video Processing Danielle Cooper, Duncan McCallum, Devin Young
Casting Lee Sheldon, Peter Donnelly
Casting Assistants Danielle Cooper, Ruth Giverin
Video Cast Phil Banton (as Robert Ripley), Karen Yip (as Mei Chen), Tony Eng (as Feng Li), Tara Moss (as Samantha Twelvetrees), Graham Croft (as Baron von Seltsam), Anthony Towe (as Hall of Classics Priest), Matthew Landers (as Kuang), Gerald Wong (as Shen Guo), Ted Gaskell (as Wolf), Robbie Sheffman (as Emilio Menendez), Rick Caulfield (as Butler), A. Hope Hickli (as Old Woman (Easter Island)), Mary Eng (as Old Chinese Lady), William Lee (as Pesky Peasant), Jeff Kuipers (as New York Posh Express Agent), Craig Cameron (as Peiping Posh Express Agent), Eric Breker (as Danzig Posh Express Agent), Ernie Foort (as Lima Posh Express Agent), Taranjeet S. Athwal (as Sikkim Posh Express Agent), Mandeep Grewal (as Temple of the Hidden Way Guard), Yong Feng (as Gatekeeper), Lorne Chan (as Acolyte), Danny Cooper (as Farmer), Eric Coching (as Official), Matthew Manuel (as New York State Marshall), Jason Chen (as Japanese Soldier #1), Eric Lowe (as Japanese Soldier #2), Garth Buzzard (as New York Taxi Driver), Taranjeet S. Athwal, Pardeep S. Athwal, Michael Beninger, Allan Cameron, Kathy Elder, Robert Eryou, Michael Gibson, Cindy Johnson, Paul Lahaise, Nick Porcino, Matthew Powell, François Robillard, Lee Sheldon, Peter Taylor, Raymond Yee (as Monks)
Voice Direction Lee Sheldon
Audio Producer Darren McGrath
Voice Recording Engineers Ewan Deane, Kirby Jinnah, Toby Carroll, Airwaves Sound Design
Audio Cast Garry Chalk (as Robert Ripley), Karen Yip (as Mei Chen), Michael Donovan (as Feng Li), Saffron Henderson (as Samantha Twelvetrees), John Payne (as Baron von Seltsam), Tong Leung (Hall of Classics Priest), Marke Driesschen (Kuang), Michael Donovan (Shen Guo), Michael Donovan (as Wolf), Marke Driesschen (as Emilio Menendez), John Payne (as Butler), Cathy Weseluck (as Old Woman (Easter Island)), Marke Driesschen (as Pesky Peasant), Peter Poon (as Farmer), Marke Driesschen (as New York Posh Express Agent), Ricky Cheung (as Peiping Posh Express Agent), Michael Donovan (as Danzig Posh Express Agent), John Payne (as Lima Posh Express Agent), Michael Donovan (as Sikkim Posh Express Agent), John Payne (as Temple of the Hidden Way Guard), Marke Driesschen (as Danzig Taxi Driver), Michael Choi (as Gatekeeper), Ricky Cheung (as Official), Michael Donovan (as New York State Marshall), Michael Donovan (as Zeppelin Passenger), Marke Driesschen (as Zeppelin Passenger), A. Hope Hickli (as Zeppelin Passenger), Michael Donovan (as Monk), Marke Driesschen (as Monk), John Payne (as Monk)
Production Coordination Matthew Manuel, Michael Gibson
Marketing Coordinator B. F. Painter
Writer's Assistant A. Hope Hickli
Design Assistant Peter Taylor
Additional Design Elements Peter Donnelly, Michael Gibson, Richard Hescox
Marketing Maven Stacey Lamiero Knoles
Product Advisor Chris Manuel
Advanced Technology Advisor Matt Gruson
User's Guide Lee Sheldon, Peter Donnelly
Player's Guide A. Hope Hickli
Player's Guide Design Annette Morin
Player's Guide Illustrations Calvin Jones
Quality Assurance Michael Beninger, Tom Bradford, Chris Capell, Bruce Elder, Kathy Elder, Robert Eryou, Karl Johanson, Darren Keetley, Richard Kocurek, Jeff Kuipers, Kimberlie Manuel, Laura McCallum, Cam McKeown, Tex Riddell
Special thanks to Bob Whiteman, Norm Deska, Edward Meyer (from the Ripley's Believe It or Not! team), Further others and the kids - missing their parents often while they finished the game

German Version

Coordination, Marketing Anskje Kirschner, CentreGold
Coordination, Public Relations Anskje Kirschner, CentreGold
German Translation Eva Hoogh
Localisation & Voice Recording Highlight Sound & Media
Dialogue Direction M. A. Wiedenfeld
Voice Talent Lutz Mackensy (Robert Ripley), Gabriele Libbach (Mei Chen), Peter Weis (Feng Li; Emilio Mendenez; Nervtötender Bettler; Mönch), Marlies Dostal (Samantha Twelvetrees), Thomas Lang (Baron von Seltsam), Stefan Schlabritz (Priester in der Halle der Klassiker; Butler; New Yorker Posh Express-Angestellter; Wache vor dem Tempel des Verborgenen Weges), Matthias Möbius (Kuang; Limas Posh Express-Angestellter; Mönch), Veedee Papiri (Shen Guo; Sikkims Posh Express-Angestellter; New Yorker Polizeipräsident; Mönch), Robert Missler (Wolf; Beamter; Mönch), Ursula Vogel (Alte Frau Osterinsel), Peter Poon (Bauer), Joosten Mindrup (Peipinger Posh Express-Angestellter), Henry Sperling (Danziger Posh Express-Angestellter; Danziger Taxifahrer), Michael Choi (Torwache), Michael Donovan (Zeppelin-Passagier), Marke Driesschen (Zeppelin-Passagier), Hope Hickley (Zeppelin-Passagier), D. Schmidt (Mönch), M. Caldwell (Mönch), M. Staudt (Mönch), J. Voss (Mönch), A. Hemmpel (Mönch), T. Marx (Mönch), T. Prigge (Mönch), J. Kristen (Mönch), T. Lang (Mönch)
RAINBOW IPAS-Routine POINTER Software Architects
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