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B.L. Stryker @Jan Berný

Contribution Score: 23,467 (53 in last year)
Location: Tábor, Czechia
Member Since: January 10th, 2002
Messages Posted: 473
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About Me

Most active: 2005 (6208 points), 2006 (4509 points), 2004 (3653 points, 2007 (2393 points)

Inactive: 2012 (52 points), 2013 (31 points), 2014-2015 (0 points), 2018 (2 points)

Achievements: (as of February 13, 2021)

All Time TOP 100 Contributors: 71th

Company Logo:           3rd
Game Hint/Cheat/Trick:  5th
Company History:        8th
Company Correction:    10th
Game Product Codes:    12th
Game Correction:       16th
Game Credits:          31st
Game Attributes:       36th
Game Screenshot:       41st
Game Trivia:           70th
Game Release Info:     75th

...Am I contributing to MobyGames REALLY for such a long time? Look at that time gap :-)