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Harvest Seasons

Official Description

Start a new city with the basics, amass your resources, spend them on buildings and upgrades, get more resources, build a bigger city! Soon you'll be unlocking auto-run buildings to generate resources while you're gone, earning skillpoints to permanently upgrade your stats, and prestiging into new seasons. How many seasons can you reach?

5 Different Resources to Farm

Gather wood, produce, ore, skins, and fish.

Over 25 Buildings

Build out your city with your resources. Then fulfill building requests to start leveling the buildings up to earn more.

Buy Hundreds of Upgrades

Upgrade your resources and your city to get more. Start unlocking Skillpoints to permanently boost your game. Collect blueprints for buildings to permanently boost their stats too.

Manage your Resources

Do you spend everything you own on upgrades, fulfill some building requests, or maybe save up to afford the next new building?

Explore the City

Unlock things like a Port to take out-of-town requests, auto-run buildings to auto-generate different resources, and even a dungeon to send expeditions for treasure.

Free to Play, NOT Free to Gouge

No loot crates! Instead, we're much more into bundles (all DLC!), and the in-game gem store is more like Animal Crossing where the inventory changes every day. Other than some one-time purchase bundles, there are NO gems for sale! No repeat gems to keep buying. Earn them in-game instead through daily quests and achievements!

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