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The registered version of the game gives you the ability to save and load games. Additionally, it comes with a printed and bound copy of the manual (slightly updated), and a "Strategy Guide" to life on the street, by Owmi Money. It also contains a file named NOTICE.DOC with the following text:

To All Registered Version Owners:

The registered version of DRUGLORD is not public-domain. I realize that it would be very easy to give out free copies of this software. This would assuredly undermine the purpose of shareware, which gives users the ability to "try before you buy". With the earnings made from users registering DRUGLORD, I am able to provide product support and keep writing games to be enjoyed by all.

The software you have is licensed to you for your own use. The only coping of this software that is permissible is for backup purposes only, as precautions for data loss. This software is to be treated the same as a "book", that is, it may exist only on one computer at any given time.

Your co-operation in keeping the shareware ideals alive is deeply appreciated.

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Trivia contributed by Mirrorshades2k, Patrick Bregger.