Nuclear War

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Ronny Raygun...Mao the Pun...Infidel Casto -- what more need be said??

The Good
Who can forgot those timeless names as well as other classics like Trickie Dick or Gorbachef??

We recently dug it up and fired it up on our Mac-only office and ran it through a DOS emulator! It was still a great hoot even after all these years.

The graphics seem dated, of course, but I recall back then being thoroughly impressed.

The depth of gameplay is not great by today's or even standards back then, but it's a quick time-killer and stress reliever.

The Bad
The sound effects were a little annoying. Also, as mentioned earlier, it was a bit simplistic even for a game in 1989.

The Bottom Line
One of the funniest (probably only) game to mock world leaders and a nuclear holocaust. Timeless classic, and definitely still playable today.

DOS · by grimbergen (433) · 2001

Great idea, but almost no game.

The Good
The concept is great. It's a turn based strategy, where you have to send nukes and push propaganda in order to defeat your opponents who are actually a parody of real politic leaders. You're get into game very fast and addict to it quickly. Characters are very funny and charismatic. Dr. Strangelove reference in the beginning is quite smart.

The Bad
There is no multiplayer. Only one game mode. Player versus 4 AI players. AI is acting randomly and there is no diplomacy. Sometimes they can ignore you at all, or attack you altogether. If they will attack you together, you have no chance to win. Bad luck. Or good if they will ignore you. The game's mechanics could be better too. Game is so simple, there are almost no way to become more powerful than your opponents. You even can't control what to build, you just press "build" and game randomly build planes, nukes or defence system. Sometimes it may lead to stockpile (which is dangerous to have, it might explode when enemy hit you) of planes and rockets, but no nukes. And planes and rockets are useless without nukes. Also sounds are pretty annoying.

The Bottom Line
This game is more a demo version of the game it could be. Pity, it had potential.

DOS · by Bruce Wayne (2) · 2008

Simply great!

The Good
Another Amiga classic, this game is truly the pinnacle of modern madness. Whoever wrote this game is most likely completely out of his mind... but we're thankful for it! The PC port is completely, utterly true to the original; the graphics are just good, and the game is so friggin' addictive I still play it twice or so a day, even though I used to play it on my XT back in the early '90s :-)

This game is simply hillarious!

The Bad
Well, the sound effects are annoying, but hey - what can you expect of a PC speaker? (... lots really)

The Bottom Line
A wonderful classic game you'll never regret playing.

DOS · by Tomer Gabel (4539) · 1999

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