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Conquest is a variant of Joust.

The player starts with four lives and controls a giant bird (bigger than in Joust) in the prehistoric age to battle pterodactyl warriors. The giant bird has the ability to run and to fly by constantly flapping its wings. Defeating pterodactyls is done by slamming into the pterodactyls (which bears no visual resemblance to actual pterodactyls) from a higher altitude; a lower altitude will result in death, while vertical altitude will result in the player and the pterodactyl bouncing off each other. Successfully slamming from a higher altitude will turn the pterodactyls into eggs, which may bounce away, as well as award the player with points. Additional points may be gathered by collecting these eggs.

The game is divided into different rounds which will introduce more challenges: additional pterodactyls, which will spawn at any one of the eight green spawning areas; the lower ground will disappear and introduce wind current affecting the gravitational velocity of all moving objects in the game; the default six platforms may also change into fewer platforms; and an indestructible dragon may occasionally appear, resulting in instant death when collided with.

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A cute clone of Joust.

The Good
Conquest has oversized graphics, which makes it much easier to connect with enemy players. There's no doubt as to where you stand in relation with an enemy. The sound is also very good; the Pterodactyl "screech" is amazingly good, considering it's coming out of a PC speaker.

The Bad
The same oversized sprites can work against you; it's harder to avoid enemies, and it takes a lot of practice flying to avoid hitting the scenery all the time.

The Bottom Line
If you're looking for a Joust clone that isn't as harsh as the original Joust, Conquest fits the bill.

PC Booter · by Trixter (8962) · 1999


Demo version

Conquest is one of the four games featured in the "Windmill Software Demo Disk", a rare release circa 1986 which contained playable demos if Conquest, Digger, Rollo And The Brush Brothers, and Styx. The games contained more verbose gaming instructions than the originals, but only the first level(s) could be played. These demos were released into the Public Domain.


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