Dungeon Keeper: Gold Edition

aka: Dungeon Keeper: Gold, Dungeon Keeper: Premium
Moby ID: 2101

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Windows credits (1998)

36 people (30 professional roles, 6 thanks) with 37 credits.

Producer Sean Cooper
Project Leader Alex Peters
Installer Programming Andy Nuttall
Documentation Jon Rennie
Testing Manager Andy Robson
Lead Tester Nathan Smethurst
Testing Jeffrey Brutus, Steven Lawrie, Tristan Paramor
Product Manager David Dyett
Documentation Editor James Lenoël, Bill Scheppler
Translation Co-ordinators Clare Parkes, Petrina Wallace
Documentation Layout Deborah Maxwell, Brian Howlett, Anita K. Legg
Quality Assurance Greg Coleman, Doria Lambert, Brian Kingsley, Rico Sablan, David Witcher, Simon Romans, Peter Hill
Materials Planner Kevin Smith
Original Game Design Jonty Barnes, Dene Carter, Simon Carter, Mark Healey, Peter Molyneux, Alex Peters
Special Thanks To Dene Carter, Simon Carter, Steve Fitton, Stan Ragan, Colin Robinson, Mark Stacey
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