The Eidolon

aka: Eidalon, The Dragon Game
Moby ID: 21128

Discover the secrets of The Eidolon, a mysterious 19th century machine powered by the forces of magic. If you can control the powerful energies of this ancient apparatus, an unseen world is yours to explore. The Eidolon lets you teleport and transform enchanted creatures- Greps, Biter Birds and Bottlenecks. And challenge the "intelligent" Guardian Dragons. You can create and capture magic fireballs... perhaps even alter the flow of time itself! '...outstanding graphics and gameplay' Zzap! 64 Scientific curiosity or passport to a magical dimension?



You've just discovered the Eidolon— a curious 19th century machine whose inventor vanished without a trace. Only his journals and sketches remain. They tell of an incredible magical realm -— a maze of caverns populated by strange creatures noted as Greps, Biter Birds and Bottlenecks. And "intelligent" Guardian Dragons -— who hurl colored fireballs of energy? The machine itself belies its quaint Victorian charm. For the Eidolon glows with the power of enchanted energy. It awaits, pristine and gleaming -— perfectly preserved for over a hundred years by the powerful forces that propelled it and its pilot to another dimension. With the fascinating first-person point of view, you can climb into the pilot's chair and fly this mysterious magical machine. And the haunting fractal graphics take you deeper into an endless maze of mystical caverns. An adventure so real, it'll make you wonder: What ever happened to the Eidolon's mysterious inventor? Only the adventurous of spirit will know his fate. The Eidolon -- scientific curiosity, or passport to a magical dimension?


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