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About Me:

Like the rest of you, an amateur video game historian. Bias: TRS-80 CoCo origin at home (C64 at school); for lack of console access, became an emulation fiend later in life. Adolescence was spent shifting from arcades to shareware to BBS door games and beyond, with a focus on (PC) god games and graphical adventure games. Currently entertains fantasies of penning homebrew interactive fiction.

Thinks the CD-ROM (+ the turd-polishing bells + whistles it engendered in place of gameplay) was the worst thing to ever happen to the PC game market. Has paid little attention to advances in game development since 1995.

Remains perpetually humbled at the enormous contributions to historical video game scholarship possible by driven + motivated individuals such as Underdogs, Theodor Lauppert, Dale Dobson and Benj Edwards, and aspires to someday mirror all of their respective sites' content here at Mobygames.