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Adventure Master

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Adventure Master is one in a series of adventure creation programs that were popular in the mid-80s and allows you to create text-adventures with some graphics.

The system uses a simple two-word parser, so you are limited to commands like "Go North" or "Get Thingamajig". The creation process is not overly complex: You can create rooms, objects and descriptions and add graphical illustrations and words to the parser. Graphics are limited to 160x96 4-color mode; there is also a limit of about ten pictures per created game

It also included one complete and two unfinished sample adventures:

  • Becca in Outlaw Cave
  • Clever Catacombs (finished)
  • Wild Trails


Credits (Commodore 64 version)

Developed by
Included complete adventure "Clever Catacombs" written by
2 included partially-completed adventures, that you can complete on your own: "Becca in Outlaw Cave" + "Wild Trails" written by


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