Death Must Die

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Official Description

"Many heroes throughout history had taken on the journey to The High Mount to enter into Death's realm and end his reign. None to return.

Yet this time, an unsung higher power had chosen to back our heroes in their quest. Toss a coin in my hat here traveler, if you wish to hear The Saga of Death's Demise."

~The Bard

Death Must Die is a roguelite RPG bullet heaven in which you play as the heroes trying to defeat Death.

A pantheon of gods guides the heroes in their quest, each granting different powerful blessings.

Learn why the gods have decided to stand against one of their own and uncover the personal stories behind each of the heroes as you explore the Underworld.


  • Destroy the thousands of minions of Death

  • Face off and defeat the Guardians protecting each circle

  • Discover ancient shrines, mythical creatures and the other inhabitants of the Underworld

  • Choose from hundreds of god blessings to create synergetic and varied builds

  • Collect randomized and unique items to make highly varied builds and ease your next attempts

  • Increase your odds of finding lost relics, at the cost of empowering Death's legions

  • Attempt runs with a varied cast of heroes, each endowed with game altering traits

  • Unlock unique and hard to access achievements

(We are a small team of 4 core developers that have chosen to release this game into Early Access to support its further development and expansion, and have worked tirelessly on it day and night and we hope to be able to continue to do so to provide you with the best we can offer!)

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