aka: Keepsake: An Unforgettable Adventure, Keepsake: Aventures à Dragonvale, Keepsake: Il mistero di Dragonvale
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Lydia's first day of school at the Dragonvale School of Magic doesn't turn out as she expected. The hustle and bustle of busy teachers and new students is normal during the orientation day. She is excited that she will again see Celeste, her childhood friend from many years ago, who is also attending Dragonvale. Anticipation and excitement quickly change into worry when she finds a completely deserted school. The only trace of people is an old puppet she finds on the floor - a gift once belonging to Celeste!

You play Lydia in 3rd person perspective during this point-and-click adventure game. Help her discover what happened by exploring the vast rooms and corridors of Dragonvale. She will not be totally alone during her adventure. There will be interaction with other people (and creatures), puzzle solving and inventory objects to find and use.

Other features include an original digital soundtrack, sound effects as well as dynamic lighting and atmospheric effects.


  • Keepsake: Тайна Долины Драконов - Russian spelling
  • 纪念品 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 70% (based on 38 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 25 ratings with 4 reviews)

Brilliant game that overcomes its flaws

The Good
Rarely do I encounter such immersing games like Keepsake. I’m a big fan of roleplaying and adventure games, but lately it seems to me all good ideas are worn out, and most games are mass produced for “fast-food” youth generation, to be short lived entertainment and then discarded away. Keepsake is not one of those games… I admire games that become a wholesome experience while you play them, and then stick with you for a long, long time after. Which is exactly how I feel for this great adventure before you dear reader.

To hold on with the praises, Keepsake is not a perfect game, but I’ll try to describe why I feel it’s perfectly flawed in its own way. This is a fully adventure oriented game, with interesting plot and numerous challenging logical puzzles to be solved. To start with the good sides – I’ll say that the game looks downright beautiful. I really dislike the overzealous “colorful-messy” style that most games nowadays take and I’m happy that Keepsake is quite the opposite. The graphics are crisp, clean and most of the times impressive so some scenes will really take your breath away. Since our plot takes place inside a magical academy mostly, you will see some fantastic vision of architecture, from cold, terrific looking marble and jaw dropping statues to intricate details of tapestries and many various emblems and finally lush and vivid gardens and plants. I really can’t emphasize visual experience enough and the hard work that was input in that department. The camera angles are fantastic, often moving with you in different directions and changing seamlessly between different perspectives – for example that bird perspective when you walk in the academy entrance is fantastic in illustrating the size and monumentality of the building itself. Top notch job of designers and programmers, really.

The game interface is simple, intuitive with nice distinction between usable items and papers, books and general clues to solving some riddles. They each have their little image which is fuzzy before you discover them, but it’s great since it kind of offers both incentive to find them and also a hint where they might be. Sound stage is pretty good and voice acting is mostly excellent, if not the top tier. Story is intriguing with just the perfect balance of mystery that keeps you going further. There are just a few characters in whole game, but they are all expertly done with much background story to make them more realistic. As a really big plus I’d like to mention the really inventive hint system that gives you hints and advices and ultimately solves a puzzle if you can’t handle it on your own. This way even beginners in adventure games will be able to finish the game, because some parts are pretty hard. And puzzles are mostly thoughtful and well-executed offering plenty of challenge even to experienced players. The whole story, characters, general atmosphere of the game adds much to addictive gameplay and unique experience. Really, I couldn’t put down this game until I finished it in several days.

The Bad
Are there any bad sides? Naturally, nothing is perfect. First of all – the game suffers some minor bugs, even when you have 1.6 version of patch (don’t think of playing without it) installed. It crashed once or twice for me so nothing serious, but there seems to be problem with dialogue volume in some cases – at one moment it’s just too loud and then suddenly shifts to quiet. Also in few dialogues the audio was missing entirely even though game correctly displayed subtitles. But these are minor technical nitpicks and almost don’t affect the gameplay at all. Along with technical stuff - one option that is missing here is loading save games directly from a running game (you have to quit and then load at startup) but I think this was an intentional decisions of the authors to prevent solving some puzzles with “load-try-load again” abuse - which is fine by me.

If you like classic adventures with loads of items in your inventory to combine and play with, and loads of NPC’s to talk to then you might be little disappointed with the gameplay system of this game. You can’t use items wherever you want and whenever you want, they are actually automatically used when you do something right or find a correct spot at correct moment. It all comes down to expectations - if you are prepared that Keepsake is an highly atmospheric game with little characters and Myst-like logical puzzles then you will enjoy it greatly. Some of the puzzles are really hard (but not mind-crushing like some in the Myst sequels) but since there is excellent hint system – you can surely solve them. Even though Keepsake is a pretty solitary game, your sidekick Zak helps you a lot with adventuring and keeps you company most of the game. A few more characters wouldn’t hurt though.

All the minor nitpicks aside, I’d like to mention one problem that from my experience brings the game down a notch from perfect. Even though you almost have full freedom to explore various parts of the academy, it’s a pretty linear and little too scripted experience when it comes to puzzle solving. Meaning: certain actions and certain puzzles need to be solved in exact sequence. If you are like me and avoid using hints before you try out everything yourself, you might find yourself stuck soon enough. For example, I spent a half day solving a puzzle and even had the correct solution to it – before I realized that some other action was needed before this puzzle should be solved. Basically there will be a lot of running around, to trigger certain events on one spot so you can solve a problem on the completely other side of the academy. That makes the game all the more difficult and possibly a little frustrating, but again, the grand hint system jumps in to direct you visually where to go. One thing is certain – you need to have required an amount of patience for adventure games, a will to overcome challenges and ability to immerse yourself in the story to fully enjoy it. If that’s your type of thing – then you will love Keepsake.

The Bottom Line
I can’t recommend Keepsake enough to any adventure hungry player out there. It offers breathtaking visuals, a simple and effective interface, an immersive story, challenging puzzles and a really enjoying experience overall. Some minor technical nitpicks and some mishaps in the puzzle-solving system might reminds us that nothing is perfect - but will never deter from savoring the game like a glass of good wine. Sit back, relax, prepare your brain cells for some work and challenge and enjoy this beautiful game as much as you can…

Windows · by Darrabban (31) · 2009

An interesting adventure with engaging characters

The Good
I enjoyed the characters most in this game. Voiceovers and dialogs were so well done that you really come to like or hate characters very easily. Zak will have you laughing and rolling your eyes throughout the game, while you'll cringe when you hear the merchant. And having an animal following you around makes things quite interesting... especially once you brew a potion to change his shape. The characters have true depth to them and that really helps in an adventure game since there is little to no action is such games to make up for lack of story or characters.

I also really enjoyed the story. You start out on your way to a school of magic. What you find there shocks you... no one is there. Now what? The game takes you through trying to find out what happened to everyone, while giving breathtaking views and incredible graphics and animations. The story takes some twists and turns as you go along and it keeps you interested.

Another thing I liked was at one point in the game where Lydia goes through a portal and says "Whoa!" when you reach the other side. Guess what I said at the same time... Heh. Walking sideways around the outside of a tower is worth saying "Whoa!" over.

Finally, the game allows even the worst adventure game player to complete the game. Every puzzle has hints... from a simple explanation of how it works to doing the puzzle for you. If you just can't get past something, use the hints and you can continue. Or, if you don't know where to go next, use the hints to give you a visual display of where you should go and what to do there. No need for walkthroughs in this game.

The Bad
I suppose it's normal in adventure games, but I really don't like walking around a huge map and getting to new places and puzzles, only to find out that I can't complete the puzzles until I do something else first. I also don't really like having to walk back and forth across the same area over and over to complete different tasks. That is normal in these games, but perhaps that is why I don't usually play them.

The Bottom Line
If you like adventure games, you'll love this one. If not, you still might. Magic, adventure, puzzles, interesting characters, great story, great graphics and animations... what more could you ask for in a game? Go try it out. I think you will find in quite enjoyable.

Windows · by Riamus (8480) · 2006

Great Game

The Good
The Game Graphic are very beautiful. The Sound & the voice acting of the game is also superb. The Game contains great backgrounds and stunning scenery. The story of the game itself is also very good. The game takes place in a Magical Academy and the player must search for the disappearance of all the Students & Teachers. The story of the game has some great twists and turns.

The Bad
the game Install process is very slow as it contains over 10,000 files and about 1,000 folders.

The Bottom Line
Great game and a must play for Adventure Fans. It surely give a taste of old "Longest Journey".

Windows · by Usman Amir (512) · 2006

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Version differences

The North American version was delayed because publisher The Adventure Company wanted to add some enhancements:* The addition of an in-game map * Fine-tuned dialogue to minimize repetitive scripts * Enlarged 'hotspots' making navigation more fluid and intuitive * Improved pathfinding with Zak and Lydia * New voice-overs for various characters including: Mustavio, Celeste, young Celeste, Elvander, and Zak

For the European versions, some of these features are added through the 1.5 patch.


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