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Crash Dive


The object of this game is to use your flying sub, the Sea Hunter, to destroy enemies and get treasures.

You move fastest when in the air, half speed when in the water and cannot move forward when on the sea bottom.

Your enemies and their point values are:

Plane = 300

Helicopter = 100

Bird = 0

Boat = 50

Sting Ray = 20

Shark = 100

Angler Fish = 200

Squid = 100

Lobster = 25

You get 1 point for stunning the sea monster but cannot kill him. You cannot do anything with mines but avoid them.

The possible treasures and their point values are:

Sword = 200

Wine Bottle = 400

Sunken Boat = 500

Crown = 1000

Chalice = 2000

Pot of Gold = 3000

Key = 5000

You just play until you crash your sub or run out of fuel. You refuel by docking with the sub at the top of the sea (looks like a boat without a gun) called Sea View. The seventh obstacle is always the Minefield. If you survive this you will be given another opportunity to refuel before advancing to find more treasure.

Special Features: You will find a prize indicator in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Displayed at the far right is a special prize that you can find beneath the Mine Field.

Obstacles will always travel in groups, varying their positions, but typically one in the sky, another on the surface of the water, two more in the water under the surface, and another on the ocean bottom.

While flying you will hear the Bird, Helicopter, and aircraft prior to seeing them on screen. You will be protected from missiles by diving into the sea.

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