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Stone Age

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Stone Age is a challenging puzzle game where you are in control of a dinosaur and you have to make him reach the exit of each cave. The dinosaur can only walk on certain blocks on the level: some are just ordinary blocks, some are movable in the direction the arrow points, some crumble after you walk on them, and some have coloured keys which are needed to get past locks of the same colour.

The game has two difficulty modes, one giving you more time to complete the levels than the other, and every time you run out of time, you lose a life. The levels are coded so you don't lose your progress when you quit, although you'll lose any score gained.

The graphics are simple and cartoony, and the levels come in a variety of scenarios. There are 100 levels in total and after completing each level a password is displayed with which the player can return to this level at a later time. The game also includes a Jukebox, which allows you to customize the played tracks much like a playlist editor.

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Atari ST version

The Atari ST version ran on basically all Atari ST machines and configurations ever built and is using their specific technical opportunities like screen resolutions, colors and digital sound. This means this game is even running on monochrome monitors and the later 68030 machines. On Atari Falcon 030 and Atari TT machines the disk directly showed an harddisk installer program on desktop, which is invisible on the older Atari ST machines. On the TT the game also supports the ultra high monochrome mode of the TT (1280*960 pixels).- which makes Stone Age the only commercial game ever using this graphics mode.

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