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Shrek 2

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The PC game based on the movie Shrek 2 is a 3D platform game with some fighting sequences.

The plot follows that of the movie: newlywed ogre couple Shrek and Princess Fiona travel to Far Far Away to meet Fiona's parents, who don't approve of the marriage. The King then plots with the Fairy Godmother against Shrek, sending an assassin his way.

Playing as Shrek himself, his pal the talking donkey or the cat assassin Puss in Boots, one has to navigate through large levels with occasional platform sequences, beating up enemies and collecting coins. The coins can be traded for potions at drive-through shops scattered around the levels. Nine potions are available, from healing and invisibility potions to ones that freeze enemies or turn them into frogs.

Other extras to be found are four-leaf clovers, which increase maximum health, and wanted posters featuring common fairy tale characters. When three posters have been picked up, a bonus level opens up for more coin collecting.


  • Шрек 2 - Russian spelling
  • שרק 2 - Hebrew spelling

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Designer & Senior Producer
Development Manager
Technical Lead
Lead Artist
Character Art & Animation Lead
Art & Animation
Senior Engineer
Lead Level Designer
Level Designers
Cut Scene Designer
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Sound Designer
Sound Effects
Testing Manager
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