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Super Fantasy Zone

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The next-gen sequel to Fantasy Zone, Super Fantasy Zone starts as a strange gravitational force appears in the Menon planet, home of the evil Menon empire and thus a new threat looms over the Fantasy Zone.

In a sudden strike by the Menon forces O-Papa, Opa-Opa's father, is fatally wounded. Thus Opa-Opa once again sets forth to destroy the Menon empire and avenge his father.

Gameplay is identical to the previous games, you control Opa-Opa on a freely scrolling 2D game world and you must seek and destroy all the enemy generators in each level in classic arcade shooter fashion and then face a boss fight. Upon successful completion of a level, you get to spend the coins you collected on it at an upgrade shop, fitting your ship with better weapons and upgrades, and then you head out for the next level.

Small changes in gameplay include the removal of the automatic orientation control as in the Game Gear Fantasy Zone, expanded control mapping that takes advantage of the Mega Drive's extra buttons, and more weapons and items to upgrade your ship with.


  • スーパーファンタジーゾーン - Japanese spelling

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Credits (Genesis version)

12 People (9 developers, 3 thanks)

  • Kawa-chan
  • Keroyon
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  • Sunsoft


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