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Rescue Raiders



Simulated strategic war game players use a helicopter to attack enemy ground and air targets, and give air coverage for the ground forces you deploy onto the battlefield.

In 1984, you're transported back to World War II in Europe, 1944 at the battle of Normandy on D-Day. An evil group of terrorists possess the time machine and taken with them modern weapons and technology to change the course of history by hoping to control future economic, political direction and to rule to the present. Your troops are essential to completing the mission of destroying the enemy's headquarters (time machine). Vehicles include; anti-aircraft missile carrier targets enemy helicopters, tanks has armed canons and machines guns to tackle enemy mobile units, and demolition team vehicles disguised as ambulance or van are sent last to finish the job. Airborne infantry are wearing parachutes with light fire body armor and automatic machine guns, can occupy barracks and bunkers, while Engineers repair structures. The helicopter able to pick-up men and is equipped with a machine gun, high explosive bomb and later a long range "home in" missile on a specified target. Launching from your helicopter pad that's also, a re-fueling, weapons re-arming, repair station and near the location of your headquarters. Danger is in the air by enemy barrage balloons attached to moving mooring lines or attack helicopters to ground as artillery guns, tanks, troops and missile launchers try to halt your progress. Every fifteen seconds, you receive payment for the amount of time spent in combat. This covers the cost of your ground deployments (men, tanks, etc), equipment and additional helicopters to a certain limit. Financial and combat readiness report can be obtained from 'command computer' including current prices. Spanning eight missions each more difficult. As the game evolves rapid technological advances occur which may change some weapons. Scores are given on the balance of total cost of battle and level of destruction done to the enemy. They're deducted for each mobile unit used and length of battle e.g. longer lower score. Similar play style to Choplifter, but more sophisticated. In 1990, re-released and updated as Armor Alley on PC and Apple Macintosh.


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Spiritual successors

The first two games of the Glory Days series (Super Army War and Glory Days 2) appear to be inspired by this game.

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