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NHL 2001

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Windows Patches


v1.01 patch - fixed a desync in online games that would occur sometimes if the player was using manual line changes, the long distance floating goals were reduced by 90%, fixed the problem where the incorrect animation is called when checking players and made defence more responsive, the time limit for users to select their lines (when playing manual line changes) was increased


v1.02 patch - fixed online desyncs, fixed the issue where a player would disappear for the rest of the game if that player was getting a delayed penalty and the other team scored a goal before the player regained possession of the puck, fixed some ditty bugs where the incorrect ditty would play, addressed the issue of the imported ditties not playing randomly, a couple of the goal horns were fixed, fixed a bug with German Play by Play.


v1.03 patch - fixed the problem where a team could not change team options in a peer-to-peer connection, fixed the problem with the strategy names inside the pause menu not being same as the ones in the front end, fixed the continous desync loop in online games that would occur sometimes with a big hitoff in the faceoff, fixed the Windows 2000 crash when creating a season, fixed a problem with a created player in a season, where assigning him to a team and then reassigning him to waivers would cause the Today in EA Sports Trades screen to crash


March 2001 roster update

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