Sega Genesis Collection

aka: SEGA Mega Drive Collection
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A solid collection of Genesis classics

The Good
There are many compilations of classic games out there, and Sega Genesis Collection stands out as one of the better ones. With 28 of the Sega Genesis' premier classics and bonus arcade games, this is a great value and a great way to visit or revisit the history of the Genesis.

Let's start with the high points: many Genesis must-haves, such as the first two Sonic games, for example, are included. While there are some mediocre titles and notable absences (more on that later), the game selection is, for the most part, brimming with quality. Each game has a museum featuring information, facts, tips, and cover art for the game, which is a nice touch. Also, the PSP version is the only way to play these games on the go without emulation software, and doesn't involve the hassle of installing it. The PSP version also features network multiplayer, essential for playing multiplayer games with or against a friend from farther distances.

You won't need to worry about the emulation quality either, as it is usually near-perfect. While there are some rough spots, such as the music not speeding up when you get the speed power-up in the Sonic games and the sound effect when you drop a column of jewels in Columns sounding different, the emulation is so well done it may render the original cartridges obsolete for some. Unlockable extras are also featured, including bonus arcade games (different games are included on the PSP version), cheats for each game, developer interviews, and trailers for the then-upcoming Virtua Fighter 5 and Phantasy Star Universe.

The Bad
Sega made a couple of mistakes, however. The game selection could have been better. Remember the "mediocre games" and "notable absences" I mentioned earlier? There are a few dismal games here, such as Super Thunder Blade and Ecco Jr., which could be replaced with notable missing games like Streets of Rage and its sequels. Also, the tasks you'll have to complete to unlock the extras in the game are usually incredibly easy. Some developer interviews are unlockable by simply loading up a game!

The Bottom Line
Despite some minor flaws, Sega Genesis Collection stands out as one of the better collections of classic games released over the years. This is a must-buy for gamers that own a PS2 or PSP and want to play the Genesis' best, especially at the price.

PlayStation 2 · by Titan10 (682) · 2010

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