The Bard's Tale III: Thief of Fate

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Average score: 81% (based on 23 ratings)

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A bit of a challenge!

The Good
This game does not emphasize graphics. Nor does it care much for sound or presentation. But what it lacks in those departments is more than made up for in the puzzle category! Bard's Tale 3 is so unbelievably difficult at times it almost makes you want to cry. There are hundreds of riddles to solve, intricate maps to explore and nigh impossible battles to be won. I don't think I have ever spent so much time on one single game as I did before I finally beat this game. It's simply awesome!

The Bad
The graphics and the sound were sub par even when it was released. But that doesn't mater much since it's the story and the setting that's important in an RPG.

The Bottom Line
One of the most challenging RPG's ever created I would presume. There are so many problems and puzzles to solve in this one that it takes forever to complete. But the satisfactoin when you do.. Oh my.

DOS · by Mattias Kreku (413) · 2003

Not the best of the Bard's Tale series - made more for Die-Hard Bard's Tale fans.

The Good
I enjoyed the new additions: Now allowing Female characters to be created, no major difference from Male characters - just change of looks. TONS of new spells, and oh boy, even more new puzzles... easy ones and excruciatingly hard ones! Still NICE the feature allowing importing of characters made in Bard's Tale I, and Bard's Tale II, still further adding to the immersion.

This is a HARD game to complete. It is a successful sequel though.

The Bad
Some parts, some puzzles, seemed tooo dang hard LOL! I also kinda' disliked having to re-visit Skara Brae, after spending soo much time in Skara Brae in the first Bard's Tale. IMHO Bard's Tale III is not better than Bard's Tale II. And either as good as Bard's Tale I, or slightly worse. It IS still a nice, successful, game. Still a hit game.

The Bottom Line
Really made for die-hard Bard's Tale fans. I really wish it did not return back to Skara Brae. It could have made a new different mega-city that's in ruins. Or take place at a different part of the planet. Oh well... still a fun game, but more fun for die-hard Bard's Tale fans. It didn't do any new ground shaking features. First play either Bard's Tale I, or II, (doesn't matter which order, or if you play just one of them) before deciding to play Bard's Tale III.

DOS · by XplOrOrOr (14) · 2004

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