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No One Can Stop Mr. Domino

aka: Domino-kun o Tomenaide.
Moby ID: 25101
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Most dominoes wait forever, just waiting to be toppled over. But no one can stop Mr. Domino - he has to run around everywhere, causing mayhem everywhere he goes. Help Mr. Domino use the domino effect to trigger tricks and traps on unsuspecting objects and people!

No One Can Stop Mr. Domino is a puzzle game which sees you controlling the titular Mr. Domino (or one of his friends, if you prefer) as he zips around levels which can be best described as a racetrack. As the title suggests, you can't actually stop Mr. Domino - however, you can guide him around the track, speed him up and slow him down. He'll need to dodge obstacles as he aims to activate "tricks" which are placed around the board.

By holding down X, Circle, Triangle or Square as he runs, players can lay a trail of dominoes behind Mr. Domino. When he reaches the dominoes you've placed, guide him into them to make them topple and start a chain reaction. Make dominoes fall onto the "trick switches" to activate them. If you're clever, you can set off a chain reaction of dominoes by placing the next set of dominoes from the Hint Tile (a red circle) to the next trick switch, and so on, until all the level's tricks are completed. As Mr. Domino runs, he loses stamina - lose all his stamina, and it's Game Over. You can prevent this by running over Stamina Tiles, which replenish all his stamina.

Mr. Domino can cause chaos in a variety of places - topple cards and shoot billiards at the casino; heat popcorn and crash toy cars in the supermarket; or crush a grandfather with a gigantic bell and indirectly cause a father to get punched in the genitals in the family home. As the title says: No One Can Stop Mr. Domino.


  • γƒ‰γƒŸγƒŽε›γ‚’γ¨γ‚γͺいで。 - Japanese spelling


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Regional differences

A handful of changes were made between the original Japanese release and subsequent English releases: * In the second stage (the convenience store), all of the obstacles are actual snack food packages. In the English version, the Ritz Cracker boxes were changed to say NOTAM. * In the third stage (the house), one of the trick tiles causes the daughter to lose some of her clothing, catching the attention of a nearby teddy bear. Originally, the bear gets a nosebleed and passes out. The English version loses the nosebleed and the teddy bear simply falls over, though the full sequence can still be seen in reverse if a reset tile is triggered after this trick tile goes off. * The ending credits originally featured a series of photos of Domino-kun toys wandering around a Japanese city. These were replaced by a simple credit crawl. * The demo sequence and end credits originally featured the J-pop song KICK ga Kanjin by the band Funny Gene. The English version replaces it in the demo sequence with the normal stage music, and in the end credits with an original song by Ryuji Nishida not found in the original Japanese version.


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