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Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors

aka: Otogi: Hyakki Toubatsu Emaki

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Otogi 2: Immortal Warriors combines fantasy with real life folklore and fast paced action. It starts where its predecessor ended and this time Raikoh, the hero of the first game, is not alone. Five new warriors join him and combine their powers to tackle the task of saving the world from a new demonic threat.

Gameplay is pretty much your regular hack & slash, and there is lots of it. The player advances through levels, destroying huge amounts of mystical enemies with different attacks, both physical and magical, while collecting experience which lets one improve the skills of the characters. New weapons and accessories can be purchased from a store between levels. Challenge levels separate from the main game open up as levels are completed, such as ones that task you wish surviving against a never ending horde of monsters, or destroying 100 arches in a limited time. Almost everything in the game's levels are destroyable, from trees to buildings, and the six playable characters are all different so one level might be easier to complete with one character than the other.


  • O・TO・GI ~百鬼討伐絵巻~ - Japanese spelling

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Lead Programmer
Conceptual Art Designer
Art Director
Motion & Modeling Director
Lead Composer
Technical Department
Development Department - 3D Graphics Section
Development Department - 2D Graphics Section
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Four of the playable characters in the game, Sadamitsu, Tsuna, Kintoki, and Suetake, are based on actual people associated with the real life Raikoh, although how much is actually true about any of them is difficult to tell due to the wealth of folk tales written about the group. Sadamitsu is traditionally depicted as male, but starting in the 20th century appears to be depicted more and more as a female.

Seimei is also based on a real-life person and folk character: Abe no Seimei. The real Seimei was also male. A fictional female Seimei also appears in FromSoftware's Kuon.

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