aka: Redline: Gang Warfare: 2066
Moby ID: 2581

Windows credits (1999)

146 people (87 professional roles, 59 thanks) with 179 credits.

Beyond Games

Project Leader Kris N. Johnson
Producer Clark Stacey
Lead Designer Clark Stacey
Engine Programming Kris N. Johnson, Bruce Johnson, Matthew Thorn, Curtis Coalson, Dorian Research
Tools Programming Kris N. Johnson, Bruce Johnson
Network Code Matthew Thorn
Motion Capture Code Eric Repasy
Story & Script Clark Stacey
Script Consultants Michael Fletcher, David Neale
Art Director D. Christopher Salmon
Lead Artist Jim Meier
3D Artists Lehi Gabriel Avila, Carson Davidson, Joseph A. Hansen, Chad T. Liddell, Dale Meier, Neil Melville
Level Design Carson Davidson, Chad T. Liddell, Dale Meier, Jim Meier
Level Scripting Joseph A. Hansen, Darren Healey, Clark Stacey
Animation Dale Meier, Jim Meier, Neil Melville
Conceptual Artists Dave Laub, Neil Melville
Special Effects Joseph A. Hansen, Darren Healey
Full Motion Video Jim Meier
Logo & Interface Design D. Christopher Salmon
Interface Art Chad T. Liddell
Vocal Talent Tricia Melville, Neil Melville, Clark Stacey
Sound Lorenzo Ciacci, Anthony Darling, Dale Meier, Neil Melville
Office Manager Theresa Reihle
Network Testing Lorin Cook, Laif Erickson, Micah Goodman, Darren Healey, Damon Hunter, Dale Meier, J. R. Wilkins
Special Thanks Julie Salmon, Jayd Salmon, Shain Salmon, Sandra Liddell, Mr. Sniffles, Justy Tylor, Twonky, Tricia Melville, Grace Melville, Quinn Melville, Jennifer Hansen, Jessica Avila, Zuriel Avila, Britta Laub, Zoe & Tuco, Sneed, Cleo, Clarke Walker III, Jeremy Gordon, Maxwell Newman, Scott G. Arnold, The Onion, Lorin Cook, Kathy Nation, Julian Stacey, Lenny Bruce, Tal Funke-Bilu, Paul Sonier, The Council, Susan Stoba, David Hilden, The Ab Roller, Bandit and Yoda, Wilhelm Reich, House of Moves, Imagikraft


Executive Producer Steven Ackrich, Chris Downend
Producer Ted Tahquechi
Associate Producer James A. Vitales
Product Marketing Managers Steven M. Allison, Laddie Ervin
Art Angus Wilson, Chin-Han Hsu, Shawn Monroe
Level Design James A. Vitales, David Fung
Sound Design Manta Audio Sound Design, Ted Tahquechi, W. Scott Snyder
Vocal Talent Clark Stacey, Carrie Tahquechi, Laddie Ervin, Steven Ackrich, Roger Labon Jackson, W. Scott Snyder, Ray Massa, Webtone Productions, Dale Meyer
Music Tommy Tallarico Studios
Manual Design William D. Robinson
Compatability Testing David Abrams, Christopher D. Reimer, Adam Stokke
Installer Eric Tetz
Lead QA Analyst Sam Newman
QA Analysts Jason Levan, Greg Reimche, Shawn Shinn, Arif Sinan, Peter Sodbinow, James Strawn
Special Thanks Glyn Anderson, Jim Barnett, David P. Grenewetzki, Daniel Grove, Tom Dickson, Cecilia Munoz, Neil Johnston, John Koronaios, Stacy Lawrence, Wayne Leonard, Ray Massa, Laurie Mendez, Shane O'Toole, Jean Raymond, Luis Rivas, Stan Roach, Tommy Tallarico, Kathie Tompkins, Tim Weaver
Audio Samples of Weapons and Vehicles Ancient Iron Motorcycle Club, Brian Anderson, Jeff Dunivant, Scott Jones
Art Director Dale Mauk
Graphic Concept Patricia Pearson
Quality Assurance Manager Brian Gilmer
Corporate Communications Manager Erica Krishnamurthy
Lead Public Relations Specialist Jack Symon
Lead Graphics Designer Mark Glover
Graphics Designer Matt Abrams
Marketing Services Manager Jill Dos Santos
International Marketing Manager Jay Cohen
Vice President Sales & Marketing Stan Roach
Customer Support Manager David Costello

EA Europe

Product Manager Europe Darryl Still, Claudine Joris
European Package Design Ed Dubois, Jason Brashill
Desktop Publishing Manager Anita K. Legg
Documentation Editing Oliver Ladenburg
Documentation Layout John Montague
Software Localization Sonia Yazmadjian
Translation Coordination Clare Parkes
Studio Operations Steve Fitton, Dan Holman
Quality Assurance David Fielding
German Localization Lead Bianca Normann
German Translation Bettina Bachon
German Documenation Layout Claudio Georgi, Frank Werner
Quality Assurance (Germany) Markus Weise, Lars Berenbrinker
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Credits contributed by formercontrib, Neil Melville.