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The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

aka: Dr Brain a perdu la t├¬te !, Dr. Brain und das verlorene Ged├Ąchtnis
Moby ID: 2605

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Windows credits (1995)

21 people with 27 credits.

Developed by Sierra On-Line Inc.
Producer Sherry Wrana
Designer Ward Makielski
Lead Engineer Mark Marion
Engineers Willie Eide, Stuart Seeyle, Steve Schonberger
Artists Tony Benedict, Travis Brady, William Olmstead, Alex Perry
Audio Engineers Johnathan Cunningham, Mark Krause
Script Tony Benedict, Stephen Cosgrove, Dee Dickinson, Ward Makielski, Rodney Sherwood
Creative Script Consultant Stephen Cosgrove
Composer Johnathan Cunningham
Voice Talent Rodney Sherwood, Kayce Glasse
Brain Consultant Dee Dickinson
Quality Assurance Tim Knappenberger, Jay Williams
User Guide Nancy King
User Guide (On-Line Conversion) Bill Baker
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