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When I was about five, and living in Hong Kong, I recieved my first gaming system - the Nintendo Famicom. Boy, did it seem cool! The games are played in full colors and one of the controllers had a mic on it! (Although I still haven't figured out what that's for...). Because of that, I've always been very loyal to the Nintendo company. In fact, the only other system I have that's NOT from Nintendo is my PS2.

A few years ago I was introduced to a little game called "The Secret of Monkey Island". (I know I'm very behind...) After the first three minutes of playing, I was hooked! Who knew such fun can exist in less than 5 MB of space? Ever since then, I've fallen in love with point-and-click adventure games.

Overall, I prefer humorous games with happy endings like Monkey Island or Super Mario. My friends make fun of me because they prefer shooter-games and describes my preference to be "kiddie". But hey, games are meant to entertain! I'd much rather play games that makes me laugh than ones that gives me nightmares!