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Bored of the Rings


No prizes for guessing the inspiration for this one. The Great Ring needs to be returned to Mount Doom, a treacherous task to be undertaken by Fordo the Boggit. Spam, Pimply and Murky are his country-bumpkin friends, and he will later meet with Bumbadil and Hashberry, two old hippies. The main quest involves meeting up with Legoland the Elf, Giblet the Dwarf and Aragont.

In keeping with the humour, familiar locations become "the featureless plain below the pink mountain", "Lake Anadin" and the "Land of the Personal-Stereo-Wearing Goblins".

Bored of the Rings is an interactive fiction game with graphics made using Quill. The interface allows the player to take and use items using VERB NOUN commands, and talk to characters.

The game is split into three parts, accessed via passcodes. The tape also includes issue 1 of Sceptical, Delta 4's short-lived magazine on tape.

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Credits (ZX Spectrum version)

Designed by
Copyright 1985
  • DELTA 4 Software
Dedicated to
  • '' you know who ''




The game is inspired by, but not based on, the Bored of the Rings parody novel published by Harvard Lampoon.

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