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Cobra, the space pirate hero of Buichi Terasawa's comic and TV series, receives a message from Dominique. Dominique is held prisoner by the evil Salamandar, and Cobra, along with his cybernetic assistant Lady (or Harmanoid, as she's called in the game's French), must rescue her.

You start the game, and enter an isometric arena. You control both Cobra and Lady, each equipped with a gun. Shoot at everything that moves, and try to find the exit of the multidirectionally scrolling arena. As a backup weapon, you have also a set of five grenades to throw at troublesome enemies. Being hit once or twice is no problem, for you have a rather well-stocked energy bar. Controlling two characters at once means that you may be separated while rounding a corner or another obstacle, but the obstacles can also be used to regroup into a tighter or wider formation, depending on your choice of tactics.

This tie-in uses a high resolution, at the cost of colours, to animate the screen with a high detail. Sounds is quite minimal, with no in-game music and simple sound effects. All in all, the game plays like a slower, isometric Gauntlet without the powerups.

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