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In Paws you play a cat whose ten kittens have wandered off. With Bull Dog Billy and his Bully gang on the loose, this is a situation no responsible mother could allow. In this Atic Atac-style arcade adventure, you must move through the screens rescuing your kittens (carrying one at a time) and bringing them back to your home.

The game screens include a built-up city (with the barriers drawn as imitations of common high street UK brands of the time, including Lloyds Bank and John Menzies), a forest, and a run-down inner city with litter. The dogs are on the prowl - shoot them using your yarn balls. Ammunition and food can be collected. If you take too long dealing with the dogs, they will form into a pack, which means Game Over. Other than that, you have nine lives.

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Whilst in development the game was intended as a license of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats, but the license could not be sealed.

Sinclair User magazine reviewed an early version of the game under the Cats name, regarding it as too easy. They re-reviewed the final version 3 months later, and were derided for the mix-up by rival magazine Crash!

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