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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

Moby ID: 2821

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Windows credits (2000)

280 people (159 professional roles, 121 thanks) with 294 credits.

BMX Riders

Starring Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist
Featuring Joey Garcia, Troy McMurray, Mike Laird, Chad Kagy, Kenan Harkin, Shaun Butler, Tim Mirra, Leigh Ramsdell


Game Design Tin Guerrero
Project Management Glen Egan
Lead Game Engineer David Grace
Lead PC Engineer Sebastien St-Laurent (as Sebastien St. Laurent)
Project Art Lead Dave Watt
Character Animation David Renneker (as Dave Renneker)
Game Engine Paul Murray, Sebastien St-Laurent
Skeletal Dynamics System Nick Torkos
Interface Engineer Sylvain Martel
Audio Engineer David Grace
Tools Engineers Sebastien St-Laurent, Paul Murray, Philippe Chaintreuil ('Peep')
Lead PC Artist Erik Purins
Level Artists Mark Girouard, David Reyes (as Dave Reyes), Cecil Carthen Jr. ('CT'), Carlos Fuentes, David Ewald (as Dave Ewald), Keith M. Goreham (as Keith Goreham), Robert Chang, Rick Gonzales, Freddie Lee
Interface Artists Dave Watt, Kevin Kelly
Additional Artists Vincent Castillo (as Vince Castillo), Jason Sereno, Lara Norman-Stowers, Carlos J. Guzman (as CJ Guzman), Carlos Mann (the)
Z-Axis Video Director David Marmor
Additional Video Editing Glen Egan
Additional Game Design Shawn David Rosen
Motion Capture Talent Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Chris Hallman
BMX Consultants Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Mike Laird, Shea Nyquist
Sound Design Michael Henry
Sysadmin Greg Haa
Executive Management David Luntz, Reagan Luntz
Special Thanks To Rowena Policar, Chris Hallman, Irving Luntz, Margie Luntz, John Penner, Lois Penner, Brian McDonnell, Sara McDonnell, Ellen McDonnell, Claire McDonnell, The Grace Family, John Frink (Professor), Mary Guerrero (+ Mojo & Gypsy), The extended Guerrero Family, Nicole Dolensky, Baby the Cat, Karlo Kilayko, Michael Tedder (and Max), Mo, Anthony, Anik and Tim, The Torkos Family, Iraj Dhindar, Michel Martel, Lucie Martel, Tonya Watt ('Chimp Love'), Joan, Mel & Jillaroo, Don Watt, Debbie Watt, Sniffles Watt, Remi, Syl, Moe, Tanya and Trent, Champa Mistry, Conor, Roy and Amber, Niall Hayes, The Carthen Family, Helen Lee, Tanya Reyes, Sophia Reyes, Jason Felix, Heather Gonzales, Jack Gonzales, Edwin Rogusky (M.D.), State College Community Hospital - PA, Raymond Yeomans (as Ray Yeomans), Michael Bolton, Samir Nayee
Craft Services Taqueria Sinaloense, Mr. Pickles, Ghandi's
In Memory of Starlina


Senior Producer Shawn David Rosen
Brand Director Steve Felsen
Marketing Manager Liz Boucher
Marketing Coordinator Rob Rosenberg
Director of Sports Licensing Michael Jerchower
Senior Media Editor Jack Scalici
Marketing Analyst Jason Brown
PR Manager Jay Andronaco
QA Manager Brian Regan
QA Supervisors Michael Pietrafesa (as Mike Pietrafesa), Matthew Canonico (as Matt Cannonico)
Senior QA Lead Analysts Daren Chencinski, Martin Glantz (as Marty Glantz)
QA Lead Analyst Russell Ballenger
QA Project Leads James Dima, Christopher Knowles (as Chris Knowles)
QA Testers Kristian Telschow, Wesley Leviton (as Wes Leviton), Mark Berkowitz, Jay Capozello (as Jason Capozello), D. J. Peluso, Joe Lombardo, Ted Scheriff, James Bonti, Maurice Phillips, Diana Wu, Canaan McKoy
Motion Production Manager (Mocap) Andy Acquilino
Mocap Shoot Crew Richard Nelson (as Rich Nelson), Sean Ludlam
Mocap Manager - Post Production Group Hajime Ogata
Mocap Data Processing Crew Scott Douglas, Michael Passuello (as Mike Passuello), Christopher Peacock (as Chris Peacock), Nicole Dicarlo, Cynthia D'Ambrosio, Jon Squitieri, Christine Gallina, John Meehan, Anthony M. Mazzola, KSM
Mocap Studio Services Christine Lutz, Jean-Frank Dorvil
Web Designer Jarrett Brilliant
Web Programmer Mark Demofsky
Internet Architect Bobby Saha
Managing Editor (Acclaim Online) Ed Fortune
Creative Services Director Scott Jenkins
Traffic Manager (Creative Services) Lisa Koch
European Co-Ordinator (Creative Services) Tammy Willis
Designer (Creative Servies) Colleen Caraher
Software Manual Bill Dickson
Consumer Service Manager Tara Schiraldi
Game Counselors (Consumer Service) Brennen Vega, William Teel, Jack Shen
Executive Audio Director Rick Fox
Executive Assistant (Acclaim Audio) Christine Atkins
Audio Producer Mike Tekulve
Information Systems Managers Kevin Denehy, Andrew Fullaytor
Information Systems Supervisor David Pollick
Turnover Coordinator (Information Systems Dept.) Christopher Maher (as Chris Maher)
Turnover Technician (Information Systems Dept.) Maksim Imas
Senior Technicians (Information Systems Dept.) Leigh Busch, Andy Basile
Technicians (Information Systems Dept.) Mike Sterzel, Christopher Coppola
Special Thanks Kevin Brannan, Brett Gow, James Daly, Jason Vandehey, Eric Hendrickson, Howard Perlman, James Johnson, Dan Garcia, Nicole D'Introno, Bethany Batalla, Harry Reimer, Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Mike Laird, Kenan Harkin, Leigh Ramsdell, Shaun Butler, Chad Kagy, Joey Garcia, Troy McMurray, Tim Mirra, Mark Eaton ('Bang Pictures'), Robin Rosen, Travis Rosen, Zach Rosen, Bailey Rosen, Michelle Seebach Curran (as Michelle Seebach), Stin Anderson ('Dog on a Bike Films'), Steve Solpin ('Dog on a Bike Films'), Grant Hansen
Woodward Camp - Special Thanks Gary Ream, Ed Isabelle, Chris Hallman, Steve Hass, Sharon Meyers
Special Thanks Brad Lusky (Haro Bikes), Pete Demos (Haro Bikes), Doug Martin (Nirve Bikes), Chris Moeller (S & M Bikes), Steve Buddendeck (DK Bikes), Travis Chipray (Specialized), Ron Bonner Jr. (UGP), Ian Lashley (JNCO), Anna Fox (FOX), Ike Taylor (FOX), Lance Langston, Angel Cabada (TSA Clothing), Shannon Hoffman (Airwalk Shoes), Brian Botts (DC Shoes), Derric Swinfard (Osiris Shoes), Molly Ruscoe (Adidas), Beth Grimberg (Adidas), Mark Sperling (Split), Jeff Kendall (TSG/NHS), Jeff Surwall (NO FEAR), Chip Crittenden (Pro-tec), Chris Archer (Pro-tec), Shannon Wright (Slim Jim), Tina Larsen (Slim Jim), Mike Redding (Troy Lee Designs), Nick Vicek (PUMA), Ian Nyquist (Jiffy Market of Los Gatos), Gary Siskar (Arnette), Mountain Dew, Speed Stick, Mark Scurto (Oakley), Russell Webb (MAXXIS Tires), Steve Astephen (The Familie), Markus Paulsen (The Familie), Michelle Lindsay (The Familie), Thomas Flynn (The Graffiti Group), Brad McDonald (Ride/Snap BMX), Eric Stricker (Strength Magazine), Libby Bryant (Eastwood Ramp Park), Chris Bryant (Eastwood Ramp Park), Matt Martisech (San Jose Ramp Park), Marco Massei (Props Visual), Jon Humphries (Cover Photo)

BMX Soundtrack

"Don't Drag Me Down" Performed by Social Distortion, Courtesy of Epic Records and 550 music, By arrangement with Sony Music New Media Licensing
"Dust" Performed by Cypress Hill, Courtesy of Columbia Records, by arrangement with Sony Music New Media Licensing
"Maxwell Murder" Performed by Rancid, Tim Armstrong (written by), Lars Frederiksen (written by), Matt Freeman (written by), Courtesy of Epitaph, [p]1995 Epitaph ┬ę1995 I Want To Go Where The Action Is Music [BMI]
"Greed" Performed by Pennywise, Fletcher Douglas Dragge (written by), Jim Lindberg (written by), Byron C. McMackin (written by), Jason Matthew Thirsk (written by), Courtesy of Epitaph, [p]1995 Epitaph ┬ę Westbeach-Pound Foolish [BMI]
"Never Alone" Performed by Dropkick Murphys, Richard Barton (written by), Mathew Kelly (written by), Kenneth Casey (written by), Courtesy of Epitaph, [p]Epitaph ┬ę Dr Zeuss Music [ASCAP]
"Got It All In Sight" Performed by 59 Times the Pain, Magnus Larnhed (written by), Courtesy of Epitaph Records, [p]Epitaph ┬ęChrysalis Music [ASCAP]
"Be Quiet and Drive (far away)" Performed by the Deftones, Courtesy of Maverick Records, [p]1997 Maverick Records, Produced under license from Warner Bros. Records Inc., By arrangement with Warner Special Products
"What I Got" Performed by Sublime, Courtesy of MCA Records, Under license from Universal Music Enterprises
"Stupid Lullabies" Performed by Swingin' Utters, Darius Koski (written by), Sounds Wrong, Fat Wreck Chords, Publishing: Hamachi Music/MAJODA HUBOKO Music [ASCAP]
"Loose" Performed by Primer 55, Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Records, Under license from Universal Music Enterprises
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