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The year is 2013 and the world has been overrun by an army of evil monsters. The military has been fighting a losing battle against these demons, and humanity has begun to give up hope. Suddenly, a woman with a huge gun shaped like a broom appears, and journeys to face off against these demons for herself...

Bullet Witch is a third-person shooter. In it, players control Alicia, the titular Bullet Witch, who wields a broom-shaped gun (called a "Gunrod") that can also be used to cast magic. In addition to this, the Gunrod can also transform into different gun types, such as a shotgun and gatling gun.

Alicia makes her way through various stages, fighting hoardes of demons with the Gunrod and her magic. Magic can be used to create magic walls to protect from enemy fire, summon a flock of ravens to attack foes, sacrifice her own blood to save innocents, amongst other talents. After completing a level, Alicia earns skill points, which can be alotted to various skills to upgrade them.


  • バレットウィッチ - Japanese spelling
  • 블릿 위치 - Korean spelling

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Story & Direction
Product Manager
Lead Programmer
Chief Designer
Character Design
Art Direction
Landscape Director
Physics Object Director
Animation Director
Scenario Support
Movie Direction
Sound Producer
Game Designers
Mission Director
AI Algorithm Designer
AI Scripter
Mission Scripters
Base Game Concept
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Average score: 59% (based on 40 ratings)


Average score: 3.0 out of 5 (based on 13 ratings with 3 reviews)

There is no magic in this game.

The Good
The idea of a female witch.......oh dear thats about it.....

The Bad
EVERYTHING! Even the price of the game is horrible, $50 for a game that should be $20. I honestly was ashamed to even have rented it! The acting seemed to come from a B- movie directed by Ron Howard. Graphics were out of this world horrible. There was so many glitches in the game after an hour on the same level I started getting a headache.

The Bottom Line
Its Devil May Cry part 1 without dante, with worse graphics, with worse acting, with a horrible story, but the cover art is cool.

Xbox 360 · by Lucky 13 (39) · 2007

So, it's not perfect - but who cares when it's fun?

The Good
All in this game points to the direction that the developers wanted to at least make a good effort. The game mechanics are pretty nicely designed, The character design and writing is pretty decent, the levels are pretty atmospheric and fun, and at no point does the game become depressing and frustrating. Yeah, I got killed a lot - but playing the game never turned boring.

The Bad
While the developers clearly made a good effort, they didn't apparently push this game to the perfection, which is a bit sad. The graphics and level design, while not hopeless, could have used a little bit more polishing. Enemy AI is not the brightest in the world: the giant enemies have the tendency to just stand there and get fooled by proper use of cover. (I usually don't mind stupid AI, but in some parts of the game, you really notice the bad AI to the point that you find it ridiculous.) Some of the levels have walled-off areas, which are justified in the game but look a bit mechanical and contrived. Also, it is a relatively short game, with only 6 levels.

The Bottom Line
How would I describe this game to others? Oh, I like this game, and I have described this game to the others... with the exact words of "it's like Mass Effect, but not as good."

Which, of course, is kind of unfair. Bullet Witch is a third-person shooter with RPG elements; the witch Alicia learns new spells and upgrades her battle-broom with new gun abilities as the game progresses. In this post-apocalyptic vision of a world, Alicia mows down demon-infested people and tons of weird creatures with the help of a few surviving human soldiers and searches the source of this evil infestation.

Well, it's perhaps not the most original game, but at least the makers made a good effort towards making it original and memorable, which is a lot more than what can be said of a lot of zombie-fighting - excuse me, demon-fighting games. We get strange spell effects - some are quite helpful and fun, like the distracting flock of ravens or the one that makes spears sprout from the ground. We get newspapers. (How many fictional post-apocalyptic worlds have working newspapers? Not nearly as many as there should be.)

It is a very dark game, but not depressing. It's a post-apocalyptic game that actually genuinely made me smile in the end.

I've heard some grumbling, but mostly from the crowd who paid full price for the game. I'd wager this is just a perfect bargain-bin or rental game, though. Who knows, with a little bit of extra polish and maybe a few more levels, this could have been a real classic...

Xbox 360 · by WWWWolf (444) · 2009

It has its kinks, but it's not terrible...

The Good
The opening of the game does a good job of showing the gravity of the game world's situation. Enemies are mostly creative, and one even took this survival horror fan by complete surprise. Bosses are gargantuan...literally; however the spells are just as potent, and give a sense of awe when they rain down (or launch up) your foes. The main character's back story was an interesting one, and it made it hard not to feel a touch of sympathy for Alicia. There were some quotable dialog moments. Upgrades give you the option to tailor your abilities to your playing style.

The Bad
There were monsters given an unfair advantage (snipers with a one-hit kill). Certain sections of the voice acting could have been a bit better. It was difficult to aim at crucial times, making some battles aggravating. Survivor/companion AI occasionally made it difficult to keep them alive, and enemies could sometimes be a little slow on the uptake.

The Bottom Line
Bullet Witch is an action game based on the premise that demons invaded the world and destroyed most of the population. The main character is a witch with a "gun rod" (gun that resembles a broom) who has to use it and her magic to stop the demons from destroying the rest of humanity. Not bad, but could be better.

Xbox 360 · by Redwall (69) · 2009


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