Unnecessary Roughness '95

aka: Unnecessary Roughness, Unnecessary Roughness 95
Moby ID: 2837

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DOS credits (1994)

31 people (29 professional roles, 2 thanks) with 33 credits.

game design & programming Gene Smith
Art Director Bob Busick
Art Scott Burroughs, Ken Capelli, Chris Eckardt, Steve M. Martinez, Gene Smith, John Xu
Music / Sound Rudy Helm, Richard Kelly
Tools Programming David Houston, Fred Mack
Game announcer Al Michaels
Lead Tester Alex V. Cabal
Testers Scott Barnes, Dexx Dorris, David Foster, Richard Gangwish, Ty Johnson, Richard Kelly, Blake Merriam, Brian Nelson, Kevin Seiter, Slade Anderson (as Slade), James A. Vitales
Manual Writing Jim Carr
Manual editing Shirley Sellers
Special Thanks Sherry Holloway, Luis Rivas
Product Marketing Managers Megan Humpal, Daniel Jeung
Associate Producer Don Felice
Producer Danny Pisano
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Credits contributed by Rik Hideto, Zovni.