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Loki: Heroes of Mythology

aka: Loki, Loki, Loki: Im Bannkreis der Götter
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Windows credits (2007)

108 people (77 professional roles, 31 thanks) with 113 credits.

Publishing Director
Project Manager
Lead Programmer
Game Design
Additional Game Design
Level Design
Additional Level Design
Artistic Director
Graphics Team
Director of Second Graphics Team
Second Graphics Team
Additional Graphics
Additional Programmers
Audio Director
  • Soundakt
Audio Debug
Beta Testers
Studio Manager
Lead Tester
Special Thanks to
Published by
  • hell-tech
Hell-tech Thanks
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Vana
  • Christina
  • Dimitris
  • Maria
  • Eleni
  • My Friends
  • The rest of my family
  • Christian R.
  • The guys at Cyanide Studio
  • The Guys at the replication factory
  • The guys from the copyprotection-team
  • My Distributors
  • The Press
  • You for buying this product
German Translation
German Voice Recording Studio
  • toneworx Studios; Hamburg
German Voice Recording Lead
German Sound Engineering
Designed & Developed by
  • Cyanide

Crimson Cow

Managing Director
Marketing Director
Product Manager
Public Relations Agency
Manual, Packaging & Web Design
Technical Website Conversion
Additional Artwork
Special Thanks to
  • Freddy Brigthon
  • Luc Martias
  • Our families[which haven't seen us for a long time]
  • The WorldOfPlayers-Community
  • meditate
  • Don Esteban
  • Blutfeuer
  • Uncle-Bin
  • mylady
  • prY
  • And all the others[for their support and the believing in us}
  • Kroko & seinen Rüpel
  • H. G. K. Schmidt (Dr. Priv.doz.; St. Georg; ohne Drachen)
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