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Stainless Steel

ZX Spectrum Specs [ all ]


Ricky Steel is a feared renegade with a mechanical arm to fire bullets, and his Class A101 armoured yet amphibious Nightwind car is Stainless. He lives in a Mad Max-inspired world, but Dr. Vardos has sent a horde of androids to destroy it. Take control of Steel and stop this, in this Spy Hunter-style vertically scrolling road-based shooter.

The game is split into four sections. You begin on foot, and must travel up the screen to reach the Nightwind. Helicopters and other foes must be shot or avoided, and their bullets avoided. You then enter your vehicle and drive up the screen, dealing with similar hazards. The controls involve pushing forward to accelerate and pushing down to reverse. Level 2 involves taking to the water, attacking submarines using bombs. The final showdown involves hunting down and killing Vardos, despite the attentions of animal-shaped asteroids and other hazards.

The scanner along the bottom of the screen is crucial to spotting foes as they approach. You have a limited shield, turned on and off by pressing space, and limited fuel which is recharged by collecting fuel circles which float by.


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