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Midtown Madness

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Drive around the streets of Chicago in a series of races, or just try the various timed challenges! The entire city is recreated, with more landmarks and major streets drivable, complete with pedestrians and traffic cars! Drive your "common" cars like Cadillac Eldorado or Ford Mustang, or go superexotic like Panoz Roadster, or drive a super-though F-350 HD pickup... Or even the Detroit City Bus and/or a Freightliner truck... Lots of variety, lots of scenary to admire, lots of challenges to attempt... And when you get bored, try the multiplayer, including tag, football, cops and robbers, and many more modes.


  • 疯狂城市飙车 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Project Director
Game Designer
Technical Lead
Graphics Lead
Business and Tequila
Vehicle & Pedestrian AI
Vehicle Simulation & Physics
Networking & Game Logic
Graphics Engine
City Construction
UI and Input Devices
Biped Art & Animation
2D/3D Art (Vehicles)
Chicago City Design
3D Art (City LOD)
3D Art (City)
3D Art (City and Vehicles)
2D/3D Art (All Areas)
Sound Designer/Composer
Composer for Tracks 14-16
Lead Tester & Prod. Assist.
Tester & Production Assist.
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Average score: 84% (based on 35 ratings)


Average score: 3.6 out of 5 (based on 43 ratings with 9 reviews)

"The Crazy Taxi of PC Gaming!"

The Good
Where to start. The best thing about this game is the fantastic Cruise Mode in which you just roam around the city at full speed without having to worry about destroying your vehicle. The selection of cars is pretty cool and I loved powersliding a Century big rig. Also, the game features awesome net play modes via MSN Gaming Zone: Cops 'n Robbers mode is VERY exciting with eight people.

The Bad
Not too much. There were some physics flaws but for this kind of game I really didn't mind. Also, a replay mode like Driver had would have been great.

The Bottom Line
You know you want to plow through traffic at 80 mph without a care in the world. Everyone does, and this is the type of game that satisfies those hungering for destruction. Not only that, but it manages to be GOOD (ahem, Carmegeddon).

Windows · by Unrealist (103) · 2000

Rampant fun, but little else

The Good
If you have a force-feedback steering wheel, this game is an absolute blast!

The ability to drive wherever you want. Sprawling pedestrians trying to get away from my driving. Smacking into other cars as you race through soldier field or a shopping mall. Flipping over police cars as they try to spin you out or chase you down.

Technically the game has "good" graphics, but see below for more on this topic.

The sound is really good, and the music can really put you in a mood. You can also play your own CDs (try popping in Rage Against the Machine or Nine Inch Nails while playing) just like a real car. It's a nice feature that is totally appropriate.

The challenges and races are really good at the beginning. They don't require a professional race driver, yet they aren't so easy they're boring.

There's actually some places you can interact with by driving on or through.

The Bad
Rule number one: Don't attempt this without a steering wheel. It adds a whole other dimension to the game. You can play the game without a steering wheel, but you just won't get the right amount of control over the car, and you'll wonder why it's so difficult to steer.

The graphics had some problems. Glitches and skipped frames are the norm on slower PCs, and even sometimes on faster PCs.

The later races get really tough, and the rewards you get for completing them is sometimes an after-thought.

How long can you drive around Chicago before things get a little old?

The Bottom Line
This is a blast of a game, and if you can find it at a discount, go all out for it. It's not worth $40 (the original price) because there isn't a lot of replay value, but it's always fun to sit someone down at a steering wheel for the first time and watch them struggle to go straight, let alone avoid other cars.

If you have a force-feedback steering wheel, and can't find Midtown Madness 2, this will wet your whistle until you can find it.

Windows · by Cyric (50) · 2001

A good but flawed driving experence

The Good
You get to drive around Chicago without and don't even have to obey the speed limits (though the police in the game might not agree with that!) and some fun single player racing modes.

The Bad
Somehow one city to drive through is not enough, I mean after a while it gets dull driving speeding your way through Chicago over and over, and there are hardly any secret routes to take which makes it a bummer. Furthermore some of the cars are hard to unlock because the difficulty in the single player modes can get way hard unless you know what you are doing.

The Bottom Line
A good alternative to Driver though it will get old fast. But in short a good game.

Windows · by Grant McLellan (584) · 2001

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There is an error when referencing one of the vehicles on the North American (and some European) cover art. (See extra cover art for example.) It states the Classic Ford Mustang Fastback as a "67 Mustang Boss 302". However, the Boss 302 did not enter production until 1969. It is correctly stated what Mustang it is in the game.


In the Netherlands Midtown Madness got sold for the half of the normal retail (like $20) price to see if this could reduce the illegal copying. Afterwards they didn't try this with any other game, so probably it didn't work.


  • GameSpy
    • 1999 – Racing Game of the Year

Information also contributed by DOS Boot


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