Legacy of the Ancients

aka: LoA, LotA
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The Good
I first discovered Legacy of the Ancients on the C64. We were sucked into the world of fantasy so fast it made our heads spin. After a month of daily play, we completed all the quests, and saved the world. It was very satisfying, and I vowed to never play it again, for fear of losing another month of my life. I did such a good job forgetting this game, that I rediscovered it on the Apple II. And again, another month of my life gone, mapping dungeons, casting spells, and collecting quests. When it became available for DOS, I knew I had to get it again. And I was hooked all over again.

The Bad
Mapping the dungeons can become very tedious, but without it, your character is dead. It was easy to die anywhere in the game if you were careless, but that made it more realistic. With careful play, there was no fear of death.

The Bottom Line
This is a very addictive game for anyone interested in RPG-style adventure games. I recommend it if you have a month of your life to spare. :)

DOS · by Kees Cook (26) · 2001

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