WipEout XL

aka: WipEout 2097
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PlayStation credits (1996)

95 people (90 professional roles, 5 thanks) with 118 credits.

Managing Directors Ian Hetherington, Jonathan Ellis
Director of Development Adrian Parr
Studio Manager Sarah Harris
Head Producer Morgan O'Rahilly
Producer Andy Satterthwaite
Game Designer Nick Burcombe
Gameplay Co-ordinator Rob Francis
Programming Team Stewart Sockett, Chris Roberts, Nick Kimberley
In Game Artwork Nicky Carus-Wescott, Pol Sigerson, Dave Crook, John Harris, Eve Penford, Darren Douglas, Jeff Bramfitt, Ashley Sanders, Mick Harrison
Intro Movie Artwork Nicky Carus-Wescott, Jim Bowers
Intro Movie Editing Steve Gilbert, Nicky Carus-Wescott
Extro Movie Artwork Jim Bowers, Nicky Carus-Wescott
PR / Marketing Graphics Jim Bowers
Additional Graphic Design & Styling The Designers Republic
Intro Movie Music ''Herd Killing'' performed by Future Sound Of London, Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE [edited by])
Extro Movie Music ''Xylem'', ''Phloem'', ''Argon'', ''Xenon'', Tim Wright (aka CoLD SToRAGE [performed by])


"Herd Killing" and "We Have Explosive" appear courtesy of Virgin Records Limited, and, Brian Dougans (Dougans), Garry Cobain (Cobain), Joseph Ward Simmons (D. Simmons), D. M. C. (D. McDaniels), Jam Master Jay (J. Mizell), Sony Music Publishing
"Landmass" appears courtesy of Virgin Records Limited, and, Brian Dougans (Dougans), Garry Cobain (Cobain), Sony Music Publishing
"V6" and "Atombomb (Straight 6 Instrumental Mix)" appear courtesy of Virgin Records Limited and Six Of One
"Dust Up Beats" appears courtesy of Virgin Records Limited, and, Thomas Owen Mostyn Rowlands (Rowlands), Edmund John Simons (Simons), MCA Music/M62/BGM Music Publishing Ltd.
"Loops Of Fury" appears courtesy of Virgin Records Limited, and, Thomas Owen Mostyn Rowlands (Rowlands), Edmund John Simons (Simons), MCA Music.
"The Third Sequence" appears courtesy of Virgin Records Limited, and, Photek (Rupert Parkes), MCA Music.
"Tin There (Underworld Edit)" appears courtesy of Junior Boys Own and Sherlock Holmes Music.
"Firestarter (Instrumental)" appears courtesy of XL Recordings and EMI/Virgin Music


Music Liaison Paul McGarvey, Emma Quinn
A&R Virgin Records Rob Manley
Sound Effects Tim Wright
Computer Speech AMIGA 1200
Product Managers Sue Campbell (UK), Sabine Westenberger (Germany), Caroline Dupuy (France), Lisa Dunlevie (Lisa Wilson [USA]), Diane Lefley (Australia), Carolyn Seager (Rest of World), Dawn Williams (International Marketing Executive), Jane Rylands (International Marketing Co-ordinator)
Creative Services Lorna Owen, Kelly Evans
Technical Support Adrian Myatt, Lee Rawcliffe
Technical Assistants Paul Charsley, Craig Duddle
Development Secretary Jennifer Rees
Public Relations Glen O'Connell (UK), Ingo Zaborowski (Germany), Benoite Lavie (France), Mark Day (USA), Stefanie Wassell (Australia)
Manual Written by Damon Fairclough, Huw Thomas, Rob Francis
Packaging and Manual Design The Designers Republic, Anthony Roberts, Jim Bowers
Quality Assurance Manager Feargus Carroll
Quality Assurance Paul Tweedle, Thomas Rees, Mark Inman, Rob Wolfe, Tracey Tweedle, Marvin James, Richard John Yandle, Edward Hay, Jeff Bird
Special Thanks to The Wipeout 1 Development Team, David Rose, M.C. Place, Red Bull [for getting us through the small hours], Vector TV


. Red Bull is a trademark used under licence. Red Bull™ is a trademark of Red Bull Ges.m.b.H., ''The inclusion in Wipeout 2097 of ''Red Bull'' and any and all messages associated thereto is for visual performance only and in no instance forms the publication of or is intended to be construed as an advertisement for the same., Psygnosis Limited hereby makes no statement as to the availability or otherwise of ''Red Bull''.
wipEout™ 2097 © Psygnosis 1996
. This program has been produced with the Dolby Surround encoding system, and is fully compatible with stereo or monaural reproduction., Dolby and the double-D symbol are trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation.
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Credits contributed by Rik Hideto.