Planet Puzzle League

aka: Panel de Pon DS, Puzzle League DS
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Average score: 86% (based on 36 ratings)

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Addictive and challenging without frustration

The Good
As a port of the original, (Tetris Attack -SNES- or Panel de Pon -SFC-) it's a really fun and faithful translation. The graphics are great and they even have different skins for the panels, garbage, and GUI. They even have daily average counters, which is really cool so you can challenge yourself to get better. The touch screen controls are fun as well, and while with a little more combo planning, you can still go very fast using the touch controls, I still can't get to the same speed as I'm at just with using the d-pad. Of course, that's just more of a natural occurrence with touch screen controls rather than a design flaw. First timers or casual gamers playing this game will most likely enjoy the touch controls better but I suggest if you want to play over the Wi-Fi, you should accustom yourself with the d-pad as most people playing online are very skilled.

There are also some new modes that allow you to work on your problem areas of the game. One mode is a mode that only gives you points when you push the stack up, which makes use of the fact that this game allows you to push the stack up while combos and chains are being counted. (You have to go to the options screen to allow it though). The other mode is a garbage counting mode where it constantly sends garbage to your screen and to get points, you have to break down the garbage as fast as you can. This mode really helps your ability to handle huge screens of garbage, which will definitely happen when you face off with really advanced players.

The Bad
I didn't like the music. It's not to say that it's badly produced, I just like the original soundtrack more. There just wasn't anything memorable about this soundtrack for me. On the same note, there really wasn't too much of a theme to the game. The SNES version was all Yoshi's Island-themed and the N64 had a Pokemon theme but this one just had a bunch of sleek-futuristic themes with techno music playing in the background. It's not a terrible way to do it but it does take away some of the character and charm of the original.

Also, if you've played the original Tetris Attack, this game (in terms of a start to finish) will be very short. Granted, the AI is much more fierce than the original AI but it still doesn't take too long to learn the tricks to beating them. Even so, the game is more about multiplayer and daily online play so it's not that big of a deal but just keep in mind that one player will get old fast if you've already mastered the game.

The Bottom Line
If you're looking to buy this game as a portable version of a classic favorite, then buy it. It has all the same stuff you're looking for, plus extras. (including wireless multi-player and online play.) Also, you won't get the same lag that the SNES version had during furious bouts with two players

If you're a newbie looking for an addictive puzzler, you should buy it as well. It's a very easy concept (just basically line up similar colored blocks) and very addictive gameplay.

Nintendo DS · by Calpis (27) · 2008

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