Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager

aka: Dark Sun 2, Dark Sun: Das Erwachen des Zerstörers
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Character transfer

Because you can transfer characters from the previous game into this game, it can create a balance problem at the beginning of the game where your characters are somewhat stronger than they should be. (Although they're not all that stronger, the maximum level you could reach in Shattered Lands was lvl 9, and starting characters in this game begin at lvl 6-7).

The designers addressed this by giving monsters twice as many hit points if you use transferred characters. This is fine at the start of the game, but gets unfair by the time you reach the final boss.

Cover art

The striking cover (and title screen) artwork is a piece by Brom originally used as the cover to the 1992 Slave Tribes Dark Sun supplement book, TSR product #2404.

Plot stopper

There's a particularly nasty game-killing bug that prevents you from finishing the game about halfway through. It seems to crop up most frequently on the masterpiece jewel case edition.

In the mines, when you try to use the elevator, the game will freeze on the level loading screen. This occurs even if you load from an earlier save game and try it again. Since you need to use the elevator to get further into the game, this essentially halts your progress.

You can actually get around this by kicking out all of your party members except one, using the elevator with that one character, then re-hiring all your party members once you reach the bottom of the mine shaft.

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