SODA Off-Road Racing

aka: DSF Off-Road, Gripped: Off-Road Championship, Spin Out: Off-Road Championship
Moby ID: 3290

Windows credits (1997)

49 people (40 professional roles, 9 thanks) with 60 credits.

Developed by Software Allies, Inc.

Programming Shawn Nash
Technical Design Shawn Nash
Producer Cindy Kendall
Design Cindy Kendall, Shawn Nash
3D Modelling Cindy Kendall, Scott Nash
Graphics Artwork and Textures Cindy Kendall, Anton Pickard
Additional Programming Dan Loraditch
Tracks Brian Kendall, Cindy Kendall, Scott Nash, Shawn Nash
Music Tom Kincaid
Voice Recording Tom Kincaid
Photography Brian Kendall, Joan Kendell
Radio Voice Vince Lombardi
Testing Scott Nash (Trickster)

Published by Papyrus Design Group / Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Producer Steven Travers
Executive Producer Adam Levesque
Public Relations Manager Erica Kohnke
Quality Assurance Manager Kurt Boutin, Jane C. Sieczkiewicz
Senior QA Analyst Kenneth Swan
QA Analysts Staci Sue Banta, Bruce Brooks, David A. DeCesare, Jonathan Valvano
Beta Testers Terry Adams, Rhawn Black, Nimrod Cross Jr., Michael Dunn, Chris Frederick, Christopher Goucher, Lonnie Larkan, Mike Laskey, Randy Magruder, Tim Olson, Andy Phipps, Dave Sparks, Brian Tate, Danny Tipton
Photography Pete Biro
Special Thanks Ann-Marie Bland, Jane Cooney, Fred Butters, Terry Wolfe, Lou Catanzaro, Steve Vandergriff, Michael Newman
Marketing Steven Jackson, Joanna Gardy
Licensing Leslie Sanders, Priscilla Kilbride Walden, Ann-Marie Gianantoni
Lead Tester Joe Lawrence
Special thanks to David Kaemmer, Omar H. Khudari
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Credits contributed by Kabushi, Wizo.