Spirit of Speed 1937

aka: The Spirit of Speed
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Unlimited power matched with supreme bravey - the formula for racing champions.

Drive the most exciting cars ever built and experience the thrill of total speed; a thrill that swept the world in the 1930s and saw the rise of those famous, and now legendary, racing cards makes such as Alfa Romeo and Mercedes. It was an era that launched a speed frenzy; an era that grew into today's fabulously rich and colourful sport of F1 Grand Prix. Spirit of Speed 1937 transports you to those unbelieable years. These are cars that make no concession to comfort; cars that are beautiful in shape and design; cars that startled crowds; cars that created a vision of the future.

DRIVE some of the greatest racers ever built - each with their individual handling characteristics - including the Bugatti 35B, the Auto Union C, and the 24-lite Napier Railton.

RACE across nine tracks that are shrines to motor racing history, such as Brooklands with its steeply banked sections; the tremendously fast autobahn ciruit at Avus, Germany and the Roosevelt Raceway in the USA.

LEAN to handle those classic cars; each one accurately simulated using its own individual physics and suspension model.

DEVELOP the right racing strategy to suit your racer and get to know its specific tyre wear, petrol, oil usage and braking characteristic.

MARVEL at the detail - everything is fully researched and simulated - from the wooden dashboard to the throaty roar of those massive engines.

RACE in Single Race, Championship Season or Scenario modes.

IMMERSE yourself in the period detail: the Thirties soundtrack; the art deco styling and the accurate newspaper articles.


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*Spirit of Speed, 1937 ist die Grand-Prix-Simulation der Jahre, in denen die Legenden des heutigen Motorsports geboren wurden. Sie fahren die aufregendsten Rennwagen, die jemals gebaut wurden und erleben den absoluten Geschwindigkeitsrausch. Rasen Sie mit den ersten Silberpfeilen, jagen Sie mit den blauen Bugatti's den führenden Wagen der Auto Union nach! Alle Original-Fahrzeuge und -Rennstrecken aus dieser Epoche - mit akkurater Umsetzung! Fahren Sie, wie Sie noch nie zuvor gefahren sind!



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Advertisement in PC Games, December 1999 (German)

"Unlimited power matched with supreme bravery - the formula for racing champions" Experience the sensation of total speed in the most exciting classic race cars of the 1930's, a thrill that swept the world and saw the rise of some of today's most prestigious car manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo® and Mercedes®. • Drive some of the greatest classic racers ever built, each with their individual handling and physics. Including the Bugatti 35B, the Auto Union C, and the Napier-Railton. • Immerse yourself in the in-depth period detail, from authentic 30's soundtrack to classic art deco styling. • Race in Single, Championship Season or Scenario modes across nine historic tracks. • Develop the right race strategy to suit you racer... from specific tire wear, gas and oil usage to accurate braking characteristics.


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