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What to say, what to say...

The first computer I had was a ZX81 back when they first came out. Oooo, the joy of that. I remember selling that for £50 at the time. After that came the Spectrum 48. Now that was amazing jump after the '81. Colour, graphics, sound, the lot. I was spoilt, what can I say! Valhalla. Time-Gate. It had it all... Somehow I ended up 'progressing' onto the BBC from there where I encountered the joys of such games as Elite and Repton. Then came the Amiga (Silkworm, Starflight or Speedball 2, anyone?) and the Archimedes, at about the same time. Don't remember too many programs on the Arc, but I did a ton of programming on it. I guess, the logical progression then was onto the PC, which is where I've mostly been since.

Nowadays I'm mostly into RPGs and fantasy-strategies (check my "have list" for more info.), though (probably due to working at SCi for about 18 months, starting about 18 months after I left uni) I spent several hours a day for about a year playing Carmageddon with the guys at work. I still think it's a great game.

In mid '98 I changed job to start working at a games company going by the name of "io productions" doing PC/Console games / ports. The company changed in 2000 to become "iomo" and was focused on the games market for Mobile Phones for 7 years, making a ton of games for Java and Symbian enabled handsets.

Nowadays I'm working for a company called Metismo which specialises in mobile porting and cross-platform application / game conversion solutions, supporting J2ME, BREW, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Nintendo DS, Win32, PSP, iPhone and Flash.

Also, in my free time I'm an admin over on VideoGameGeek.

Ah, what great fun I've had around computers...