Wet Attack: The Empire Cums Back

aka: Lula 2: The Sexy Galaxy, Lula: Pimperator Contre Attaque, Lula: The Sexy Empire 2
Moby ID: 3365

Windows credits (1999)

24 people (19 professional roles, 5 thanks) with 36 credits.

Web Design Michael Zimmer
Mistress of Foreign Affairs Kirsten Korte
Project Manager Carsten Korte
Game Concept Alexander Diessner, Carsten Korte, Helmut Theuerkauf
Idea & Storyline Carsten Wieland
Sprite Animation Correction Programming Sabine Diessner
ISO Engine Programming Alexander Diessner
Adventure Engine Programming Alexander Diessner, Ralf Wienand
Interactive Movie Programming Helmer Kramer
3D Engine / Starmap / Launcher Programming Helmut Theuerkauf
Sound Engine Programming Alexander Diessner
MPEG Engine Programming Helmer Kramer
Tools Programming Alexander Diessner
Conceptual Art Birgit Benner, Carsten Wieland
Modelling & Texturing Birgit Benner, Christina Stelter, Carsten Wieland
Quality Assurance Kristin Knaak
Sound FX Carsten Korte, Hartmut Stelter, Carsten Wieland
Beta Testing Johannes Friedrich, Wolfgang Gäbler, Michael Krieger, Michael Piepgras, Daniel Vogt, Patric Wust
Special Thanks To Rudiger Appel, Michael Damare, Holger Engelin, Michael Laschet, Ulli Oderwald
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