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Everyone Loves Active 2


Everyone Loves Active 2 is a fast, colourful and hectic shooter made for the TIGSource Procedural Generation competition. As such, players can enter a seed name that is used to determine where enemies appear and for some of them it changes the attack pattern. Other slight variations occur based on how fast enemies are killed, the painting of the background objects, the messages from certain enemies and of course the trails left behind.

The player controls a small block, Active 2, on a single screen and is free to move anywhere. The left mouse button fires an endless amount of bullets, while the right mouse button, when held while dragging in a certain direction, curves the stream of bullets to get behind enemies protected by shields. By having a constant stream of explosions players can build up a chain. This is also helpful when dying, because when the explosion causes twenty enemies to die, the player is revived, but the next time +20 deaths will be needed.

Sometimes enemies leave behind power-ups such as bullet bombs (a small explosion with each bullet), shields, a spinning blade around Active 2, option (a small turret that shoots along) and a laser that penetrates enemies. Power-ups do not last long and the duration is shown near the top of the screen. Another bar shows the current enemy's health as well. Different graphical modes are offered, with low, medium or high detail, a dizzy mode and an Annabelle mode. High scores can be submitted online.

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