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Viking: Battle for Asgard

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In Viking: Battle for Asgard, the player takes control of Skarin, a Norse warrior recruited by Freya, Goddess of war. He is the chosen champion to fight the goddess Hel, daughter of Loki, Norse god of mischief. She had been banished from Asgard, the gods' kingdom Asgard after defying the rule of Odin, and plans to release Fenrir, a wolf-god who said to bring about Ragnarok, an apocalypse that will bring down Asgard and the gods. The game takes place in the mortal world of Midgard.

There are over one hundred different combat and melee moves that will lead to dismemberment of opponents in battles which can number into enemies up to the hundreds at a time. Skarin can also call upon dragons to attack his enemies or transform his enemies into werewolves to turn against his opponents.

Skarin can also free captured warriors to help him in quest to destroy Hel and her warriors, including giants, shamans and Hel's own warrior champions. Skarin can slaughter wave after wave of enemies or can target certain individuals to demoralize the enemy armies. There are different island with a large amount of freedom. Different cities and settlements can be raided and the missions on each island finish off with a large-scale battle with huge armies.

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  • The Creative Assembly
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Lead Artist
Associate Producer
Lead Engine Programmer
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Environment Art Group Lead
Character Art Group Lead
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