In memoriam, Donald Sutherland

A320 Airbus: Edition Europa

Moby ID: 3456

[ Amiga ] [ Atari ST ] [ DOS ]

DOS credits (1992)

18 people (12 professional roles, 6 thanks) with 20 credits.

Concept Rainer Bopf
Amiga Version Rainer Bopf
PC-Programming by Triac Software, Henrik Nordhaus, Jürgen Friedrich
Graphics by Thorsten Mutschall
Musical Score Jörg Doepper, Matthias Steinwachs
Manual Jürgen Mayr
Intro Henrik Nordhaus
Special Thanks to Johannes Schwerg (Flightcaptain of Lufthansa A320 Fleet), Michael Schmidt (Deutsche Airbus GmbH), Josef Grendel (Deutsche Airbus GmbH), Christian Klick (Deutsche Lufthansa), Allan Lethan (Jeppesen GmbH), Wolfgang Huelsmann (for his contribution in testing A320 from the beginning on)
Beta Testers Christian Jungen, G. Wolfering, Thomas Schulze-Velmede, W. Carmincke
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