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Teenage Zombies: "Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys"

aka: Teenage Zombies : L'Invasion des Cerveaux Extra-Terrestres !

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Teenage Zombies: Invasion of the Alien Brain Thingys is a puzzle/platformer in which the player controls three zombie teenagers.

Alien Brains have invaded the Earth and are forcing humans to do their will by the use of mind-control. The only ones not affected by the mind control are the brainless zombies, who have risen from the grave, disturbed by the invasion.

The three zombie teenagers, Lori "Lefty" Lopez, Finnigan "Fins" Magee and Zack "Half-Pipe" Boyd, set out once they find out that the alien brains are much better than human ones and are eager to find the mastermind behind the whole invasion, the Big Brain.

Each zombie teenager has different powers that the player will have to use to bypass the different puzzles in the game. Lefty, a former basketball player has a long reach with which high ledges can be reached. Half-Pipe is missing his lower body, but uses his skateboard for movement and he can crawl through tight spaces. Fins, as a former swimmer, has mutated as a zombie and has grown tentacles with which he can climb walls.

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