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Rugrats in Paris: The Movie

aka: Les Razmoket à Paris: Le Film
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Rugrats in Paris: The Movie is based on the 2000 movie of the same name, which in turn is based on the Daytime Emmy-award winning animated television series. The Game Boy Color iteration of this game looks nothing alike compared to its Windows, PlayStation, and Nintendo 64 counterparts, which share the same name. As in these games, the player finds one's self in EuroReptarLand, this time it is all in 2D.

The player may move around the theme park using a top-down view. Around the park the player will find various points of interest, where the player may play one of the eight side-scrolling platform levels or seven mini-games. Advancing to the new platform levels requires the player to collect tickets, which are won through playing the mini-games. Mini-games include target shooting, fishing, shooting hoop, tossing frogs, and hammer shot. The events are displayed on a single screen.

The platform levels have various themes such as clouds, rocket ship, a gooey world, a haunted mine, a volcano, a pyramid, a pagoda, and the Notre Dame. The goal of the game is to eventually find Chuckie a princess to become his new mother.

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Best swept under the rug

The Good
The graphics are nice. All of the characters are recognisable and have good animation. The bright colours fit the cartoon theme. The music is also half-decent, as you would expect some of it is cheesy and most of it forgettable, but it's not offensive to ears.

The Bad
THQ had the reputation for buying movie licenses and putting out sloppy games. Unfortunately, this is one. The controls seem a bit stiff, jumping over bad guys is difficult and you often find yourself bumping into them. There are some platforms that require precise jumping and due to bad programming you often fall through the platforms.

To access the levels you need tickets that are won by playing mini games, this is tedious and unnecessary as none of the minigames are fun. While the theme of winning tickets to go on the rides (levels) fits in with the film it is poorly executed.

The puzzles are also very difficult, certainly too difficult for the children this is aimed at. One mine kart ghost train level requires levers to be pushed to switch tracks is hard as there are no clues, just trial and error. Worst of all the levels have a timer and it is often quite stingy on the earlier levels.

The Bottom Line
I was a fan of The Rugrats TV series and films when it started and with the scope of the source material available I'm disappointed a good game wasn't made from it. The game can be bought as a loose cartridge for less than $5 (USD) or £2 (GBP), but even for those cheap prices it's not worth playing or owning. Get the Mario Land, Kirby Donkey Kong or The Smurfs games instead.

Game Boy Color · by Alex L (967) · 2015


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