Earthworm Jim 2

aka: EJ2, EWJ2
Moby ID: 373

Game Boy Advance version

The WORST version of Earthworm Jim 2 EVER MADE

The Good
Well... the only good thing about it is that you could finally have portable EWJ2 action on-the-go... oh, wait... you could already do it several years before this port was released: buying the Genesis version and a Sega Nomad! It wasn't very portable per se, but at least it was the real thing!

The Bad
What didn't I like about it? Well... everything. First the graphics: they are worse than ever, for example the sprites and fonts look very pixelated, the levels have some slight graphical issues, the backgrounds look bad and the animation is choppy, completely killing one of the game's greatest aspects: the amazing animation. Then the sound: while the music in this version isn't THAT bad, the sound is kind of screwed up, most notably Jim's screams when he gets hit. Finally gameplay: the controls are also completely changed, for example, in the console and PC versions, in order to use the whip, only a single tap was required. However, in this version you need to HOLD the button until Jim does his whip animation. Even the Game Boy and Game Gear versions of the original didn't have that! Every action has the same kind of input: HOLD THE BUTTON, rather than tap it. The worst thing? Bugs. Buggy gameplay, buggy graphics and even worse, buggy passwords, completely showing that this was completely rushed. Another bug-ridden game by Russians (the other being Big Rigs)

The Bottom Line
Why did Interplay give Majesco the permission to port this to the GBA? They screwed up one of my favorite videogaming childhood memories! If you're in serious need of Earthworm Jim portable action, get either a Sega Nomad (or the recently released RetroGen by Innex) and get the first game and/or EWJ2, or a modded PSP and a Genesis or SNES emulator with those two games. They are far better choices than this disgrace of a port

by Lance Boyle (1519) on November 3rd, 2009

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