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Toki Tori

aka: Toki Tori HD

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This is the next instalment of Toki Tori, after a version for the MSX and Game Boy Color. Not only have its graphics been changed, it also has new content and a different control scheme.

The main character is Toki Tori, a newly hatched fluffy yellow chicken. He discovers his brothers and sisters (who are all still in their eggs) have been kidnapped and he has to help find them all. Since he cannot fly, he has to plan his route through each level carefully, finding ways to bridge gaps, avoid enemies or warp short distances. In some levels he can use a Freeze-o-Matic to change enemies into ice cubes or the Slug Sucker to suck them up. Toki Tori is a mix between puzzle game and platform game and borrows elements from both Lemmings and Lode Runner. In each level a number of eggs have to be collected using only limited supplies.

On the PC Toki Tori can be played with both the mouse (point & click) or using more traditional keyboard controls. When using the mouse the player clicks where he or she want Toki Tori to go and the pathfinding AI will follow orders exactly. This latter control scheme is also used on the Wii and Android/iOS, but there using aiming with the Wii remote and using the touch screen respectively.

On the Wii a second player can help by drawing on the screen with a second Wii Remote. Toki Tori sometimes sends messages (post cards with his adventures in the levels you have completed) to the Wii Message Board.

The iOS version is almost identical to the others but features a number of different level layouts.


  • トキ・トリ - Japanese spelling

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