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Asuka 120% Special: BURNING Fest.

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Shiritsu Ryōran Jogakuin -- Ryōran Private Girl's Academy -- is a famous school which, since its founding only 30 years ago, has turned out a great many prominent figures in the artistic, literary, and political worlds. The school's founder, Genichirō Shindō, created the school to teach both the literary and military arts, and so every autumn there is a martial arts tournament for the best students from each club.

Asuka 120% Special is the first PlayStation entry in the long-running all-girl fighting game series from Fill in Cafe. Choose a character representing one of the many school clubs, such as science (Asuka), tennis (Ryoko), or karate (Torami), and fight to win the tournament. There are a total of ten characters, each with their own unique abilities and special moves.

Each character has a small meter called the Burning Gauge at the bottom of the screen that will fill up as the fight progresses. When it reaches 120% (as the game's title might suggest), the player can execute special moves for a limited time before it resets back to zero. The game features standard story and versus modes. You can play against the computer or a friend, or watch the computer fight against itself.


  • あすか120%スペシャルBURNING Fest - Japanese spelling

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Credits (PlayStation version)

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Asuka Honda (本田 飛鳥)
  • Riko Sayama (Tokyo Actors Bank [茶山 莉子 [東京アクターズバンク]])
Karina Toyota (豊田 可莉奈)
  • Kae Araki (Artsvision [荒木 香恵 [アーツビジョン]])
Nana Owada (小和田 奈々)
  • Yuki Asakura (Hiro's Fun Music [朝倉 有紀 [ヒロファンミュージック]])
Kumi Ōkubo (大久保 久美)
  • Masaki Miki (Tokyo Actors Bank [美木 まさき [東京アクターズバンク]])
Megumi Suzuki (鈴木 めぐみ)
  • Shizuka Arai (Shizuka Hōjō (Tokyo Actors Bank [北条 静香 [東京アクターズバンク]]))
Ryūko Yamazaki (山崎竜子)
  • 森本 晶 (Tokyo Actors Bank [森本 昌 [東京アクターズバンク]])
Cathy Wild (キャシィ・ワイルド)
  • Judy Monroe (Tokyo Actors Bank [ジュディ・モンロー [東京アクターズバンク]])
Kiyoko Miterai (御手洗 清子)
  • Yumiko Fukuda (Tokyo Actors Bank [福田 由美子 [東京アクターズバンク]])
Torami Honjō (北条 虎美)
  • Mio Itō (Tokyo Actors Bank [伊藤 未央 [東京アクターズバンク]])
Tamaki Shindō (新堂 環)
  • Juri Shiina (Tokyo Actors Bank [椎名 樹里 [東京アクターズバンク]])
Shinobu Kawasaki (川崎 忍)
  • Minako Hino (Kurosawa Ryō Jimusho [日野 三奈子 [黒沢良事務所]])
Genichirō Shindō (新堂 源一郎)
  • Kyōsuke Mukai (Kurosawa Ryō Jimusho [向井 恭介 [黒沢良事務所]])
Tetsuko Ōgigaya (扇ヶ谷 鉄子)
  • Minako Hino (Kurosawa Ryō Jimusho [日野 三奈子 [黒沢良事務所]])
Ayamaro Yamashina (山科 文麿)
  • Shin Hanaho (Tokyo Actors Bank [花帆 伸 [東京アクターズバンク]])
Ichiko Furutachi (古館 伊知子)
  • Maimi Chitose (Tokyo Actors Bank [千歳 真衣美 [東京アクターズバンク]])
Narrator (ナレーター)
  • Maki Yagita (Aoni Pro [八木田 真樹 [青二プロ]])
Casting (キャスティング)
  • Tokyo Actors Bank [東京アクターズバンク]
Voice Director (ヴォイス・ディレクター)
Producer (プロデューサー)
Production Coordinator (制作進行)
Studio Coordinator (スタジオ進行)
Graphics (グラフィックス)
Finish Production (仕上制作)
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Release history

Two different versions of the PlayStation release exist. The second release contains a number of bug fixes and balance tweaks, and also reduces the loading times. It carries the same Sony part number and JAN code as the original release, but there's a way to tell the difference: At the bottom-right corner of the cover, just to the right of the period after Fest., look for a small black circle. If there is one, it's the updated version; if not, it's the original release.


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